10 Unconventional Tips To Make You More Fit At Your Office

Being healthy and fit isn’t easy to incorporate into our lives.

Sometimes, we just get so lost in our pursuit of work that we often ignore the other fine things in our lives such as health, family, friends and leisure.

For most of us, we have a sedentary job that gives us little to almost no scope for physical activity like we used to have in school and colleges.

Folks at 98Fit who sits out of our CP Centre is trying to make people healthier who are in the pursuit of making an impact through their work. Here are some tips they shared with us for making our coworkers fitter and happier.

With time being a luxury indeed in our lives today, it is now that we have to keep ourselves healthy more than ever.


Ten unconventional ways to stay fit while you are working at an office and nobody is looking at you!

Eating well and exercising along with it on a daily basis is a good way to start. However, if you’re too caught up in your work lives, we are here to help you make it a bit easier.

Tip No. 1 – Raise The Roof [20 Reps]

Well, let us start off with the fact that sitting all day is really bad for our physical and mental health. Hours and hours of sitting without any real movement can actually lead to risks like diabetes and heart diseases later in life.

  • Physical Movement – Our first tip is to raise the roof. While marching in place, push toward the ceiling with your palms up and thumbs almost touching your shoulders. Make it harder by holding water bottles.


Tip No. 2 – Tricep Kicks [20 Reps]

If you sit down a lot of every day, then stretching can be a good way to start the health journey.

  • Stretching – So, while marching in place, bend at the hips, about 45 degrees. Bend your elbows, and then extend them behind you as if you are lifting weights.



3. The Hulk [20 Reps]

Small little changes can lead to a lot of improvement. Continuous effort can actually be the best way to improve your health and fitness.

  • Small Changes – Keep marching and leaning. With your elbows bent and fists together in front, move your arms back like wings. Try to touch your shoulder blades together.


4. Hallelujah [20 Reps]

Movement, Stretching or walking down the stairs, everything helps you move a bit closer to your goal.

  • Move – Just sweep your arms above your head and down again as you step side-to-side. Actually yelling Hallelujah! is optional.


5. Hamstring Curl [20 Reps]

To ease the stress building in your back and also feel a bit refreshed. You can definitely make use of this tip.

  • Bend Those Arms -Bend arms at the elbow. Bring one foot up toward your rear end while straightening your arms so that your hands are down when your foot is up.


6. Punching [20 Reps]

If you’re too busy, then you can try this little exercise to reduce that unnecessary load on your traps and shoulders.

  • Straighten It Up – While rocking foot to foot, punch with alternating arms. To reduce elbow stress, try not to fully straighten your arm.


7. Desk Pushup [10 Reps]

Ensure that you do this properly along with other changes in life that include diet, working out and choosing healthier alternatives.

  • Force – Place hands on edge of the desk, shoulder-width apart, legs out behind you. Push off with as much force as you can.


8. Side Lunge [10 Reps Per Side]

Allow yourself to be in a good physical and mental condition by following these tips slowly and steadily.

  • Edge of The Desk – Place hands on edge of desk, shoulder width apart, legs out behind you. Push off with as much force as you can.


9. Jump Squats [10 Reps]

  • Space – Make sure you have space in front of you. Bend into a half-squat with your arms behind you, then jump and swing your arms up as if you’re celebrating.


10. Walking [10 min.]

  • Walk It Up – Lap your block or a floor of your office. Try for a pace of 100 steps per minute, which is easy if you don’t stop to play with things on the people’s desks.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you become more fit and eventually happier in your lives.

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