3 Reasons Why Coworking Turned Me Into An Office Lover!


The Benefits Of Coworking & Why People Love Coworking?

We commute, reach and then enter our office spaces only to find out that our productivity hasn’t exactly skyrocketed!

A workplace is much more than a place you work at, it’s a place you spend the majority of your time. It’s like a second home. Therefore, if you find yourself loathing the time you spend at your office, you basically need to take a step back and evaluate the reason!


A. The Fundamental Change – Every one of us needs a certain human element and stimulus in our social lives to perform optimally. Fundamentally, coworking space is more suited in order to enjoy work. Benefits of coworking include interaction and exchange of ideas!

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B. Beating Loneliness – The feeling of belongingness is one of the main benefit of coworking which helps people choose coworking space over an conventional office spaces. With a much better work-life balance and greater social inclusion, coworking proves a much better bet in order to create better work.

Take A Look At What People Say About Coworking!

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1. The Vibe

More or less, similar to our homes, it’s the vibe and aura of a coworking space that makes the difference. A certain positive vibe reverberates around the whole organisation, from design language of the office space to the motivational posters and wall-art, each element contributes to a vibe about the whole place.

  1. Basically, a coworking environment not only gives us a much more pleasant aura than the conventional office but it also helps us become part of a vibrant community!
  2. The interaction, collaboration and conversation that take place in a coworking space is all part of its appeal to the new age workers. Benefits of coworking include the new meaningful connections and creativity alike.

2. Clients & Work At The Same Place

For professionals who feel that conventional office spaces are dull and monotonous, coworking space act as a boon with its flexible work culture. The benefits of coworking includes “motivating yet distracting free environment” to work in!

  1. The benefit of coworking includes the massive exposure to a multitude of businesses, clients and personalities. A place designed to help you create a micro-community and use it to your own advantage.
  2. From hiring to recruiting for your own gig, you can do that instantly without having to struggle to first find people and then interact with them. A readily available community helps to create more business opportunities through immediate networking and connections.!
  3. From graphic designers to app developers, it doesn’t get better than working at a coworking, there is nothing more in-house than a coworking space. Collaboration doesn’t get any better!

3. Encouragement, Events & A Social Fix!

A prime office space, a credible business address and more importantly a break from hours of loneliness. Coworking space not only help you be better at your work, but it also helps you excel as an individual. The main benefit of coworking includes a professional community, source of constant interaction and a free pass to great social events.

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  1. A session at a noisy coffee shop or your living room can never match the sheer brilliance of a coworking space. It’s actually a social fix! With great social events, conferences, seminars, webinars etc, coworking provides you with a place with like-minded individuals which are on the same journey as you are!
  2. The main benefit of coworking is the fact that it provides its coworkers with space which they can feel comfortable without sacrificing their work. From co-workers to friends, a coworking space gives you total freedom over the type of interaction you wanna have with those around you.
  3. Shared office spaces such as Innov8 Coworking, one can easily feel much more comfortable and flexible along with a better work-life balance in total.

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Coworking has actually transformed the working culture for most of us, it has helped eliminate most of the wrong doings of the conventional office space. Coworking has actually changed the fundamentals of work and has actually made work enjoyable! The benefits of coworking actually outweigh the negatives of traditional office by a stretch.

It’s more about the human element now! Isn’t that how our work lives should be?

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