3 Subconscious Reasons You Can’t Concentrate At Work! & How To Solve It!


 Is Your Personal Life a Hindrance To Your Professional Life? Do You Find It Difficult To Concentrate?

No matter how much you try, sometimes it’s just not easy to simply work efficiently. Underlying understandings can lead to short attention spans and reduced concentration in our work lives.

So, if you find yourself longing for a better life, then the next few points can actually help you define the measures by which you judge your life and help you concentrate!


A recent 2011 study confirms the importance of stress relieving activity such as meditation in our lives. While meditation is definitely a wise thing to inculcate in your lifestyle, finding out the reasons leading to such short attention spans is much better.

Awareness is the first step of solving a problem

1. Your Monkey Mind?


i) Contain Your Monkey Mind From Wandering – We can never outrun our subconscious thinking but we certainly can try to limit our monkey mind from wandering throughout the day.

ii) Acceptance is Liberating – Just accepting the fact that mind wanders a lot is, in fact, a liberating exercise. If you continuously stress about being not able to work, this minor change can actually do wonders for your work life.

What You Need To Do Now: 

A. Setting a particular time period – Set an hour daily to significantly reduce your anxiety. It will help you limit your thought making it easier to concentrate at work.

B. Be Calmer – A conscious choice to devote a particular period will actively make you a lot calmer.


2. Looking Far & Ignoring What’s Right In Front Of Us!


Sometimes looking far away is just a way to ignore what’s right in front of us – The Brighest Star

i) Our Heart Knows Our Stories – We avoid confronting our fears, we create rationales for it but no matter how hard we may try. Our heart knows our plight in both our personal and professional lives

ii) Choose To Change – No matter, how popular or how cool we may seem to the world, our hearts know our stories. So, if you have been containing yourself a lot, it’s time to change.

What You Need To Do Now: 

A. Confront Your Feelings – Maybe it’s time to actually confront yourself and have that long-awaited talk with your manager.

B. Taking Charge Of Your Life – When you take charge of things, you actively eliminate the stress and anxiety that was building up for quite some time.


3. You Crave Validation!


i) Are You Needy –  Do you feel used, angry and frustrated at times? Well, you may have some serious issues to ponder on from now on. The constant need to please people is the need for validation.

ii) Cravings – Validation itself a form of neediness which is unattractive in every sphere of human life. If you constantly seek validation, you would come across as unattractive. Even if you were a multimillionaire, validation from others would still bog you down.

What You Need To Do Now: 

A.  Awareness is the key – Recognising that seeking approval is unhealthy will liberate you from stress and help you concentrate better at work.

B. Say things that are needed to be said – Do yourself a favour, say things are needed to be said. Look right in the eye and do it.


The world is more anxious and stressful today than ever before. But in-depth evaluation and a few prominent changes in our own lives can help us concentrate better in our workspaces.

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