5 Factors To Remember Before Selecting A Coworking Space!


Things To Consider Before Selecting A Coworking Space!

Planning to choose a great coworking space? Selecting a coworking space can be crucial for the development of your work or organisation. The rise of coworking offices in India has led to the exponential growth of new workspaces in major cities. This makes selecting a good coworking space a difficult task.

Why Coworking?


Looking for plug-n-play office structure or looking for a dedicated cubicle? Well, deciding on a unique and personal space that fulfil your ambitions can make or break decision for you. Selecting a coworking space is so much more than just renting an office space.

It’s all about finding the right environment that spikes creativity, facilitates networking and supports professional growth.

1. Look For A Prime & Easily Accessible Location!


A. Ease of Commute – Travelling is always fun to expect inner-city commuting. Innercity commuting can actually be detrimental to your physical and mental health. A central office location which can be easily accessed is a big deciding factor for a lot of people due to the convenience it offers in terms of commuting and access to nearby reach outs.

Our Coworking Centres in –Koramangala, Bengaluru | Connaught Place, New Delhi Guindy, Chennai | Boston House, Mumbai | Film City,  Noida | Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram | Ras Vilas, Saket | Old Fort, Saket

B. Prime Central Business Complexes – Innov8 is based in prime Central Business Complexes of Tier-1 Indian cities. It can be a great way to impress clients and potential business partners. Also, it adds credibility to your business.

2. Look For Best Return On Your Investment!


A. Affordability & Hospitality – Selecting a coworking space with great services and amenities can go a long way in adding comfort to you and your company’s work in the long term. A variety of plans along with affordable membership fees can be a crucial decision when selecting a coworking office.

B. Flexible Plans, Ease Of Upgradation & Friendly Policies – Friendly policies, ease of future expansion and flexible plans can help you get the most of your office investment. A good working environment at a coworking place which provides all the above can actually reward you well in both your professional and collaborative pursuits!

3. The Growth Factor In The Future!

A. Space For Expansion – Selecting a coworking space while keeping the expansion of your business or its team in the future is a smart way to go about it. Always seek coworking space which can handle bigger teams in the future. Innov8 Coworking has centres that reach out to more than 30K Sq.Ft. which leaves a lot of room for businesses to expand and grow!

B. Good Meeting Spaces – You can meet potential clients and potential business owners at our meeting rooms which provides an excellent meeting environment. Meeting rooms at Innov8 Coworking are fully enclosed workspace with noise-proof glass cabins, ergonomic chairs and can hold from small to large teams at a time. 

4. Choosing The Right Community!

A. Major Events & Workshops – Events, workshops, meetups and social harmony is what keeps coworkers happy in a coworking space. Innov8 coworking is itself a host of major brands that include Paytm, BBC, Israel Embassy and many more

Collaborating and networking via such events is a big business advantage and one of the most prominent deciding factor when selecting a coworking space.

B. Social Aspect Of A Community – Selecting a coworking space is important as people you work with are often as close to us as our family members. Being a part of a community is extremely helpful for our work life. The social aspect of seeking advice from community leaders and influencers from diverse fields helps us get rid of loneliness and isolation which we often face at the conventional office.

5. Look For Good Services & Amenities!

A. Essential Business Amenities & Services – A good infrastructure that provides you with essential services is a crucial factor when selecting a coworking space. From infused vitamin water, coffee, tea, nacks to necessary amenities such as printing credits, conference rooms, private call rooms and lunchrooms, Innov8 has it all.

You can additionally get access to services that include Concierge Services, HR Services, Legal assistance, DevOps & IT Support Services, Design (UI/UX) Services, Accounts & Tax Consultancy Services at Innov8 Coworking.

B. Hi-Grade Broadband, Fun Zones & Nap Rooms – With Hi-Speed broadband, fun zones that include amphitheatres, foosball tables and nap rooms, selecting a coworking office like Innov8 Coworking shouldn’t be a difficult decision.

Finding a coworking place that helps you enjoy other aspects of life apart from work is a must. The spirit of coworking lies in a good work-life value proposition. Selecting a coworking space is all about finding a place to work which makes you feel at ease and actually accentuates your life in general.

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