Back To Basics : 5 Habits That Will Reset Your Broken Schedule


Habits are like our phones, personal yet so common. Good habits are like books, the more you follow them, the more enlightened you are.

Some of us have quirky habits, some of us don’t even think we have habits. I mean how dumb is that? because thinking you don’t have ‘habits’ is itself a ‘habit’. Now, do you know why I am telling you all this?

Well, just read about David here for a second first, and I promise you will figure it by the end!

i) Good Old David – David is a marketing manager who works at an Indian startup in the Delhi National Capital Region of Gurgaon. He comes off as an avid hard worker due to the fact that he works 6 hours a day, and spends at least 10 hours in his office every day.

ii) Are You A David Too? – While David seems to be the perfect employee, he still feels overwhelmed at times. Despite his dedication and hard work, he still hasn’t really reached his maximum productivity.

“Happen to things, don’t let things happen to you.”

iii) Well, Let’s Fix You – Well, if David wanted to know about some amazing work hacks and habits to reset his broken schedule, he should be reading this. I don’t think he knows about this blog, but you do now!

So, why not make the most of it to reset your own habits!

change-habits-better-life1. 30 Minute Golden Rule

A. The First 30 Minutes of your Workday Actually Defines Your Day.

From the time you arrive at your office, the first 30 minutes actually define how your day is going to be. If you’re relaxed, chances are you will produce great work, if not, no advice in the world would let you achieve your daily goals.

B. Calm Down & Organise:

From stressing about your work-day, personal lives and other things, the first 30 minutes are actually consumed by ourselves.


How can you change it?

i) Reduce That Clutter – Settle down, at first clear the clutter on your desk. It will subconsciously make you feel less rushed.

ii) Organise That Screen – Secondly, just clean that desktop, if you’re laptop is cluttered with unorganised files. Just take a day to clean it up, it will be worth it.

Take a weekend or a day where your workload is less to organise your messed up laptop. It will significant reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and make you feel more at peace.

iii) Start Your Work After The First 30 – Grab a coffee, meet your colleagues and just relax for a bit. This will get your mood going and possibly help you start doing some quality work just after a few minutes.


2. Break Hours Into Session

Small Breaks Are Crucial, Not Optional


Actively pursuing growth and personal development should be the main essence of one’s life. The journey of personal development must never stop when one grows up.

i) Work & Relax – Innovation never happens when things are rushed. It happens when one is relaxed enough to actually take a look at the things around him.

So, a fifteen-minute break after a two-hour session is actually not optional, it’s necessary to refresh your senses and produce even greater work.


ii) Sessions Are Sessions For A Reason – Our whole education system is based on the basis of using sessions for studying and imparting new education into young minds. We never sit for 6 hours straight in a class. However, we do sit 6 hours by breaking our sessions into smaller classes.

In a normal 8 hour work day. A 2-1-2 or a 2-2-2 Hour session works great as it provides an hour or two to relax and rejuvenate as well.

So, it’s you who needs to decide your best plan for allocating your time into specific sessions.


3. Snack & Nap

Refreshed & Nourished.

Snacks & Nap Rooms At Our Innov8 Centres. “More Info – Click Image”

i) It’s Not Optional, It’s Necessary – Regular breaks provide you relaxation, take away your stress buildup and help you become less of a computer zombie. It’s necessary to provide a physical as well as a mental break from hours of constant work.

So, a fifteen-minute break after a two-hour session is actually not optional, it’s necessary to refresh your senses and produce even greater work.


ii) Creativity Seeks Freshness – You can never in the world works for 8 hours straight and be extremely creative. Creativity doesn’t induce itself like that. A 2-hour creative output in a day is a task well done. Try not to be over-productive, there is no such thing.

A 2-hour creative output in a day is a task well done. Try not to be a hustler bro, be smart and create great work every day.


4. Two Major, Three Minor

Categorising your goals into 2 major and 3 minor goals for the day and reap the benefits.


i) Don’t Be A Hustle Bro – Don’t be influenced by people who post stupid random posts on Instagram claiming they work 16 hours a day and blah blah, what not!

I especially categorise them as “Hustle Bros” beacuse work is not done by words, but actions.


ii) Be A Productive Human – Categorising your goals into 2 major and 3 minor goals for the day is an effective way of working rather than just thinking of working.

Try this method for a day and see the results for yourself.

5. Work-Life Balance Is A Must

Your Life is More Than Just Your Work


We actively think of reducing stress in our lives. However, we are totally unaware of the intrusion of technology in our lives.

We have lost touch with ourselves. However, we should never let our work lives interfere with our personal and social lives.

i) Fresher Than The Day Before – Work is a never-ending process. You can never outrun it, nor defeat it. However, you can create a great work-life balance by leaving the office on time.


ii) You Are More Than Just Your Work – Leaving work on time gives you time to actually do things that are essential to be physically and mentally happy. Also, leaving on time motivates you to produce great work next day and gives you ample time to rejuvenate as well.

With the ever-increasing use of applications, services and smartphones in our work lives, our personal lives have taken a back seat.

However, by inculcating these 5 habits, you are certainly make a good change in your worklife.

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