4 Human Values That Are Constant Across Syria, America & India!


Syria, India and America – What could be similar?

Shifting from a war-torn country to a developed one. With vastly different cultures to almost extremely similar human values, these countries are more alike than we think they are!

From security to the feeling of hope, we all humans basically share the same insights and feeling no matter how segregated we are!

1. The Romanticisation of Poverty


Aristotle once said that “Poverty is the parent of revolution”

i) Poverty Isn’t Only Limited To Money – Aristotle was right, wasn’t he? I mean, extreme poverty is the parent of violence and indeed revolutions. Be it the 2017 Venezuela protests or the 2016 France labour right protests.

Poverty in all matters is not limited to monetary factors only, it extends to much deeper human factions such as society & thinking.

ii) Like A Fine Red Wine – However, the common factor in all these countries immigration and tourism is perplexingly the same. The novelty, the culture and the incidental misery of people. This nature is especially akin to many journalists who romanticise poverty like a fine red wine.

iii) From Chandni Chowk To Allepo Markets – Streets in Chandni Chowk makes them suddenly romanticise the great Indian culture. The justling rickshaws remind them of the Indian beauty in chaos.

Well, ask that to someone who commutes daily through that bottleneck, he wouldn’t actually have the same thinking, I guess! For him, it’s poor infrastructure.


No! they are not happy, especially when they have bombs dropping on their heads.

iv) The Unfair Media Trial – Same goes on with the Syrian reporting, somehow people romanticise poverty, extreme poverty with culture and the resilient attitude of people.

We hear stories of courage and resilience. We hear stories on how the people despite grave misery, poverty and lack of facilities are still happy. On the contrary, it’s the blatant romanticisation of suffering.


B. Need For Love And Affection

We human by large have this tendency to basically connect with other social beings. No matter how different our needs may seem to be, the need for love, affection and care is constant across countries and continents.

i) Secrets Of Our American Dream – Let’s take the case of the visionary Steve Jobs. He was the epitome of what you call an American Dream. However, he was a terrible lover and a terrible father who disowned his daughter at first.

Despite his successes and a lavish lifestyle, he was a terrible lover and a terrible father. Despite his prolific success, he was never able to fulfil the need of love and affection for his daughter and wife.


The need for love and affection actually transcends the fear of persecution and death at times.

ii) Transcending Boundaries of War Death and Crime In War – Similarly, people in war-torn countries like Yemen and Syria still experience the same need for love and affection. Some even face persecution for that!

It’s the same in India as well, with inter-caste marriage, interfaith marriages due to vigilantism and societal norms. But the need for human love and affection always transcends boundaries of hate & death despite fear.


C. Hope For Upliftment

i) The Unwithering Hope – It will never be enough, I mean it’s true. Look at humble beginnings of Muhammad Yunus, [Founder of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh].

He would have never thought of creating a movement that would help some of the most impoverished people in the world but the utter hope of helping people was his inspiration.

ii) Yes, We Can – Same goes with a middle eastern refugee girl who became the Minister of Education of France i.e. Najat Belkacem. The sheer hope of pulling her family out of misery gave her the inspiration to make it big.


As humans, we have this eternal dream of making it big.

iii) Longing For Lofty Dreams  – From the American Sweetheart Opera Winfrey to The Indian Business Tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani, the common denominator was hope and the sheer madness to escape impoverishment.


D. Desire To Be Safe


i) Humans of the Modern World –  From the fall of the twin towers to the French terrorist attacks, the desire to be safe is a basic human need. It’s one of the basic human value to experience safety and security of you and your loved ones.

ii) From Liberation To Judgements – From the war-torn Syria and its people. The sense of security is totally exploited even after they feel liberated, they never really feel safe due to the rise of xenophobia and racism in their new found countries.


The possibility of never feeling safe actually makes them much more unsafe, even more than their war torn countries.

iii) D’s of Development & Destruction – Indian cities are relatively safe compared to a lot of places in the world. Still, people worry about their lives. The constant need to be safe is universal, from a developing country like India to a developed one like America, to even in a war-torn country of Syria.


The Common Denominator

i) Wherever You May, You Can Find A Way Out!


These constant values also point us to the crucial factor that whatever situations we may be in, wherever we may be from & no matter how bad our lives may be right now.

There is always a way out! There is always a hope for a better future.

ii) Hope is Constant, Just Like Trouble – You Need To Just Choose!


We are more resilient than we think. Syria, America or India – the important thing is not the place but the choices we make.

Do we give up or do we choose hope?

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