5 Mothers Who Altered The History of the Modern World


Mother – The epitome of inspiration, nurtures a kid into an individual & teaches the world about unconditional love.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.”

To honour the spirit of motherhood, we present you stories of 5 women and their offsprings who changed and made the world a better place. It shows that the respect, love and care of a mother have the power to affect the world.

Some of the world’s most successful people, offsprings of their loving parents would go on to become some of the biggest entrepreneurs and business individuals of the world.

1. Mary Gates

Mother of Bill Gates [Mircosoft’s Founder, World’s Richest Man (On Road To become World’s First Trillionaire)]

Gates, Mary Gates and Bill Gates Sr.

“From those to whom much is given, much is expected.” – Mary Gates

A. The Note That Bill Never Forgot

  1. Bill’s Wedding – Mary Gates, mother of Bill Gates wrote in his son’s wedding card, a line he never forgot, partially due to the fact that Mary Gates passed just six months after his wedding. Mary Gates wrote “From those to whom much is given, much is expected”, this left a huge mark on Bill’s consciousness.
  2. Bill’s Rare Interview – In a rare interview to Daily Mail, Bill Gates explained how he still cherishes her mother’s word. Her death certainly urged him to make the world a better place.


B. Birth of Bill & Melinda Gates Philanthropy

  1. A Quote Worth US$44.3 Billion – As Microsoft IPO took off right in the year 1986, the 31-year-old Bill Gates suddenly became the world’s richest man. His mother urged him to get into charity and make a difference in the world.
  2. One Late Night At Bill’s Father’s Office – At first, Bill resisted the notion. On a quiet night at his father’s law office, Bill actually had an argument with his mother on the same matter. He explained “I am trying to run a company here! Mom”. His mother later explained that Bill wasn’t against the idea. However, he certainly wasn’t for it as well.
  3. World’s Largest Venture Philanthropist – Later, Bill co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the year 2000. Later in 2011, a campaign to donate majority the majority for the fortune by the world’s wealthiest i.e. The Giving Pledge was created by Gates, his wife and Bill’s friend Warren Buffett. 


2. Ashiamma Jainulabiddin

Mother of APJ Abdul Kamal [Scientist (ISRO | DRDO) & Former Indian President]

The Former Indian President

A. Kalam’s Greatest Poem – “Mother”

  1. Wings of Fire – In his autobiography “Wings of Fire”, Kalam writes a beautiful poem titled “Mother” about the perseverance and strength of his mother. The former Indian President who came from a small town in Tamil Nadu believed in his dreams and made them come true.
  2. His Humble Background – Kalam was youngest of the five siblings, and came from a financially poor background. He used to distribute newspapers while he was in school. Later in life, he studied at the Saint Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli and received a degree in physics. And as they say, rest is history.


B. Her Rotis

  1. Our Rationed Wheat – Kalam writes in his autobiography that one particular day when all of his siblings and him were eating dinner. He started to eat chapattis which were highly rationed at that time in their house.
  2. The Hug – He kept eating one after one and his mother would keep serving him. Later, his brother told him that his mother had even served her rotis to him. He fondly writes how he shivered out of love, ran and hugged his mother.


3. Eve Branson

Mother of Richard Branson [Founded of the Virgin Group, Owns More Than 400 Companies]

Richard Branson and Eve Branson

“Have no regrets.”- Eve Branson

A. The Famous Incident At Age 6

  1. The Car Trip – Richard Branson soundly remembers an incident that made him resilient to all life’s issues. He mentions that during a trip to his grandfather’s house, his mother actually dropped him in the middle of the journey for causing mischief.
  2. An Experience To Remember – It was an experience that he would remember all his life. The journey at first was scary at first, better in the middle and liberating at the end.

richard-branson-motherB. A Heartfelt Blog on her Mother

  1. She Told Me To Keep My Feet On The Ground – Richard Branson wrote in a heartfelt blog dedicated to his mother on how she guided him and made him a better human. Especially how she never let fame get into his head and make him bitter.


4. Elli Stassinopoulos

Mother of Arianna Huffington [CoFounder & Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post]

Arianna Huffington & Elli Stassinopoulos

“Failure is not the opposite of success. It is a stepping stone to success” – Elli Stasinopoulos

A. It Started From An Apartment In Greece

  1. She Told Me To Aim For The Stars – Arianna was brought up in a one-bedroom apartment in Athens, Greece. Arianna shared the fact that it was her mum who made her believe that dreams were possible, it was her who made her believe she could aim for the stars.
  2. Her Deep Love & Care – Arianna’s mother trust in Arianna never shook away. Her deep love and care were crucial in Arianna realising her full potential.


B. “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly,”

  1. Emotional Facebook Post – In a 2015 emotional Facebook post, Arianna Huffington mentioned a quote her mother used to tell her when times got hard was “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly,”.
  2. She Was My Rock Of Gibraltar – As Arianna tells in her Huffington blog, her mother was the only one who believed in her when she went from Greece to London as a 16-year-old to study in the prestigious Cambridge University. Arianna managed to break the cliche against Greece working classes by the elites.


5. Elaine French

Mother of Sheryl Sandberg [Chief Operating Officer of Facebook]

Sheryl Sandberg & Elaine French

A. She Made Me

  1. A Strong Women – In an interview, she was quoted saying that “Her mother was the making of me”. Her mother’s faith was the reason she embraced on the journey to becoming the COO of Facebook.


B. Dream Big

  1. Either Nursing or Teaching – During my mother’s era, she was bound by only two options, either to be a nurse or a teacher. She never wanted the same for me and my sister. She made us believe that we could do anything.

Mothers who raise their offsprings to such high moral values and engrain strength in the character of their children are the actual true role model in the modern world.

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