A To Z Lettering Design – Feel The Inspiration and Creation!


Design, Inspiration and Creation

Innov8 believes that colours, design choices and visual cues play an important role in one’s working environment. Does your workplace let you imagine and explore the new world? Do you stand for what you believe?

A – Ambience – Design is not just how it works, it’s about how it feels!

B – Brave – To be proud of your past, you need to be brave today!

C – Connections – Design is not carving your name on marble, it’s about carving connections in the hearts of those who see it!

D – Design – There is no better designer than nature and I am a sum of all the design that I have witnessed in the open-world till now!

E – Execution – It’s not what you say, it’s what you do!

F – Future – Today, it seems like it’s right out of science fiction but will it not be our story in the future?

G – Growth – Break walls, scale mountains, climb and synthesize to grow out of all your fears!

H – Hardwork – What’s the fun in having it easy?

I – Innovation – Sometimes the wheel turns slowly, but it turns!

J – Jobs – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

K – Knowledge – Knowledge surrounds your soul, you just need to open your chakras to see it!

L – Leadership – Get inspired by the guerillas who leads amongst the people to create an impact!

M – Market – Make stuff that matters, life is too short for mediocrity!

N – New – Isn’t life about trying out new things!

O – Opportunity – There may be a risk in breaking free but isn’t there a larger risk in bondage!

P – Performance – Peak performance is meditation in motion!

Q – Quality -Quality means doing it right when no one is looking!

R – Risk – Leap and the net will appear because if you want something, you must dive for it!

S – Startup – The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something!

T – Training – One day this pain will make sense!

U – Understanding – Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood!

V – Victory – Embrace the struggle, it will be the part of your victory speech later!

W – Wealth – The real measure of your wealth is how much would you be worth if you lost it all?

X – XFactor – Anything that is unexpected is the X-Factor!

Y – Youth – In youth, we learn: In the age we understand!

Z – Zenith – Everything in the universe is trying to reach its zenith!

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