Reception & Security At Innov8!


Advantages Of Coworking Spaces!

Coworking spaces have quite rapidly changed the way people work! They present great benefits for the working classes and are an important factor in shaping the future of work.

Reception & Security At Innov8!


From Super-Fast internet to a solid community experience, the advantages of coworking spaces are aplenty. With such a rapid rise in popularity of coworking spaces, the need for a safe, secure and friendly environment is more than essential.

A. Friendly Staff:


With friendly housekeeping staff & reception staff, you will always feel an integral part of Innov8 at all times. Any special requests can be directly be made to our Hub Managers.

B. Safe & Secure 24*7:

i) 24* 7 Access – You may be a night owl or maybe your team likes to work late in the day. With 24*7 access to Innov8 centres, you are guaranteed to have a safe & secure environment for yourself.


ii) Dedicated Staff & CCTV’s – Our centres have dedicated personnel who ensure the security of coworkers. Also, CCTV’s and a central security system is in place to keep the centres safe and everyone accountable.

C. Hub & Community Managers

i) Hub Managers – Our Hub Managers make sure that everything in our centre operates smoothly. Any special requests or any general feedback is always welcomed by our hub managers.

From nitpicks to any complaints, our hub managers will always make sure that our coworkers work in most optimal conditions.

ii) Community Managers – Physical convenience is not the only added advantage of a coworking space! People at a coworking space like Innov8 Coworking feel more connected & involved with their fellow workers.

Our community managers make sure people working out of Innov8 Coworking do not feel isolated. They strive to make the working environment in the centre as productive as it could be!

From infused vitamin water, coffee, tea, and snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs to necessary amenities such as printing credits, conference rooms, private call rooms, lunch rooms and nap rooms.

Additional facilities such as Concierge Services, HR Services, Legal assistance, DevOps & IT Support Services, Design (UI/UX) Services, Accounts & Tax Consultancy Services are also available. You name it and we’ll have it!


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