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As the owner of a small startup, an independent artist, or a freelancer, finding an affordable coworking workspace outside of your home can sometimes be a challenge. While many independent entrepreneurs effectively run their businesses from their homes, coffee shops and other public spaces, others may desire a more professional coworking workspace for meetings, and to separate home and work life.

Even my Co-founder Moin Khadri and I started our startup “Ad Value Advertising” from home a year back. Meeting clients at coffee shops was the norm, but a headache too. We were on a constant lookout for “quiet yet live” coffee shop where we could hold constructive conversations without intrusion. Not always were we lucky to find a place without chaos, where we could have peaceful meetings.

With this problem in mind, we started our search for an innovative space. One that we could call our own, one we didn’t have to constantly look after and obviously, that didn’t empty our pockets. Because who doesn’t want to save money, right?!

Most places we encountered “boasted” of white walls, shabby tables and almost crumbling structures. How can we find motivation here? And then we struck gold! We found Innov8 Co-working, in Delhi where shabby interiors were replaced by high-quality workspaces and inspiration in each corner. Innov8 made us believe that work can be fun, that your office can look good and be reasonable.

Innov8 co-working spaces, startup incubator
Co-working @ Innov8

For someone who works or runs a business independently, this co-working space offers a number of potential benefits:

1. Innov8 allows you a designated area to get your work done, away from home, physically separating your work and personal life
2. It’s well-equipped with office essentials you need, like a printer, scanner and other standard equipment
3. Co-working is less expensive than renting out a facility all your own
4. Also, we truly love the unlimited hot and cold beverages, anytime, at our convenience

Additionally, a certain culture tends to develop at co-working spaces, which has proved to be advantageous to us for sure. Being around others who are focused on working, creating, strategizing, and making connections, has offered a differentiated environment to us and made us more productive. Innov8 Co-working has not only set a benchmark for the entire startup community but also involved in active mentoring for startups.

Co-working delhi India
Co-working culture, Innov8

We as a startup have redefined our work, thanks to Innov8 co-working and we learnt to #CollaborateIdeas. With the innovative and energetic vibes we get at Innov8, working has been a wonderful experience. Getting different ideas from co-workers and bartering our thoughts and services, has been an incredible journey so far.

Here is to Innov8 helping us boost our work and giving us a chance to make lifelong friends! Innov8 made us learn- If not us, then who? And if not now, then when?

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