7 Annoying Things Coworkers Do & Tips to Handle Them?


Annoying Things Coworkers Do!

Well, you’re all settled up at your desk, all geared up to take on the day and then you feel annoyed all at a sudden. Every office in the world has a common thing – annoying things coworkers do [and sometimes annoying coworkers itself.]

Diverse people and open office environments is an amazing combination almost all the time. You innovate, collaborate and create great work together. But then there are times when even the smallest annoyances can lead you to lose your cool!

The last thing you need to add to you’re already stressful work-life is added nuisances by fellow coworkers. Well, here we list out the most annoying things coworkers do at work and tips on how to handle them!

1. The Smoker Who Never Quits [Seriously, Just Quit It!]

i) If all the people at our workplaces quit smoking, the office would be a better place to work.

ii) Smoking at non-designated smoking places is one of the most annoying things coworkers do to irritate others around them.


Tip – While, it’s not exactly possible to convince everyone to stop smoking. You can certainly ask people to smoke in the designated smoking zones.

It will eliminate unnecessary arguments and help maintain decorum at your workplace. If all else fails, talking to your manager about this issue is another good option.

2. The Loud Talkers [Noise Affecting Our Work Lives]!

i) Loud calling and usually loud conversations isn’t really an excuse for you to disturb others around you.

ii) This recent survey clearly points out that 61% of people mentioned noisy co-workers were one of the biggest productivity killers at workplaces.


Tip – Try not to mingle with the gossipers and the interrupters as a preventive method. If this doesn’t really bring the noise levels down, its time to confront and call them out!

It sure sounds like a rude thing to do, but over a longer period of time, you will find it to be very beneficial to your work life and mental health.

3. The Ones Who Can’t Live Without Food [Literally!]

i) If you really care about you and other people at your workplace, you should probably steer away from eating snacks at your desk.

ii) Littering an open table with snacks isn’t exactly desirable in an open working space.


Tip – Ask the person who wants to snack, to do so in complete peace in a designated eating zone at the office.

Not only will that save you from an unpleasant aura, but it will also actually help to keep the office cleaner.

4. The Eccentric Dressers [You’re Your Own Brand]!

i) While dressing up for work isn’t a bad thing, your favourite saggy trousers from college aren’t exactly fitting in the workplace.

ii) Being presentable will always help feel much more comfortable at work. Being properly dressed along with good personal hygiene a sign that you respect your work and others around you.


Tip – If you feel a coworker isn’t exactly presentable, it’s better to confront them and let them know about it. Maybe they’re not even aware of their plight!

5.  The Air Polluters [Trust Us, People Can Smell!]

i) A fair bit of perfume or cologne isn’t a bad thing but overdoing it can apparently annoy coworkers around you! Cologne can never be a substitute for bathing or being hygienic.

ii) A professional environment demands you to be subtle about things, you never know who might be allergic to scent!


Tip – A dab of two-three puffs is more than enough to make you smell pleasant throughout the day.

If a coworker annoys you with a very strong cologne, ask him politely to wear less of it.

6. Say No To Fancy Ringtones [Be Considerate People!]

i) If you’re working in an open-concept office, strange ringtones often serve the purpose of disturbing others which can actually be a real annoyance for people in the workplace.


Tip – Asking a coworker to use for his smartphone in vibration mode – it’s the best way to make use of any smartphone without bothering others at the workplace.

7. The Tappers & Clickers [Let’s Not Fidget!]

i) “Click, move and tap” You can hear this sound loud and clear when you’re coworker unintentionally annoys you.

ii) We all have that coworker in office who fidgets while getting his work down. Well, such sound really distracts people who require silence to carefully craft their work.


Tip – If you don’t really like repetitive and annoying noises getting stuck in your head. Either invest in a good pair of headphones or ask the coworkers who sit next to you to exercise some self-control.

Whatever you do, you will thank us later when the fidgeting stops!

Take A Look At The New-Age Workplace

Our work life is one of the most important defining factors in our lives. To save yourself from annoying things that coworkers do around you, you certainly use our tips. Rather than wishing and hoping for change, let’s speak-out and deal with the nuisances.

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