What is ASMR and How It Turned Into A Viral Trend!


What is ASMR and How It Turned Into A Viral Trend!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

a. What is ASMR:

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) can be defined as relaxing audio cues that include whispers, crackles and noise. It’s a stimulating experience that can be explained as a tingling sensation in the body. This “Brain Massage” is an extremely strange recent phenomenon that has taken over the internet.

This viral online trend provides sensory stimulus to help people relax through soft-spoken sensuous voices, the sound of lawn mowers and what not. One can now find thousands of videos about the same on Youtube with ranging from thousand to millions.

b. What you don’t know about ASMR:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8NcT0K1JJc[/embedyt]

ASMR went big in 2018. The main subreddit titled r/ASMR has over 1,50,000 subscribers now. Publications such as Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Vox, College Humour and The New York Times has alreadyrun stories about ASMR. Plus, a Youtube Search about ASMR now reveals around 10 million ASMR videos which are only going to grow by the day.

c. The Youtube ASMR Phenomena

ASMR has been steadily growing in popularity since 2009. However, the trend really took off since 2013 while a lot of ‘ASMRtists’ popping up great videos on Youtube. Some of the most popular ASMR Youtubers have over a million subscribers and around 25 million views. ASMR videos have turned into a niche.

YouTube searches for ASMR grew over 200% YoY in 2015 and are consistently growing.

The Most Famous ASMR Star: Bob Ross

Well, if you’re talking about ASMR, Bob Ross is one name that you should never forget. Bob Ross with his gentle voice and calm demeanour makes him the original poster boy of ASMR videos.

His video has crossed over 77,28,884 (7.7 million) views and his channel has over 2.4 million subscribers.

Famous “ASMR Artists”

“SAS-ASMR” - 5.6 million Youtube subscribers.

“Gibi ASMR” - 1.7 million Youtube subscribers.

"GentleWhispering" - 1.6 million Youtube subscribers.

“FrivolousFox ASMR” - 1.1 million YouTube subscribers.

“MassageASMR” - 700,000 YouTube subscribers.

“ASMRrequests” - 600,00 Youtube subscribers.

“Heather Feather ASMR” - 500,000 YouTube subscribers.

e. 5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know about ASMR:

A. The IKEA ASMR Commercial – Oddly IKEA

With a 25-minute commercial, IKEA stepped into ASMR advertising in November 2017. The commercial takes viewers through a guided tour through a college dorm room outfitted with IKEA’s latest back-to-school products.

However, the difference is the fact that the narration happens through an intentional soft-spoken sensual voice. On top of that, the whole clip was created by the advertising mammoth i.e. Ogilvy & Mather.

B. KFC Commercial 2016  – ASMR

With George Hamilton dressed as Colonel Sanders, KFC produced a short commercial on National Fried Chicken Day with the actor slowly biting the fried chicken. Later, after being mocked online for the commercial, KFC was just too embarrassed and decided to remove it.

C. ASMR by BBDO For Dove Chocolates – A Mars Brand

Another leading advertising agency i.e. BBDO stepped into ASMR. The New York-based agency created two ASMR videos for Dove chocolates targeting the viewers in China. The advertisement was created to evoke ‘tingling feeling for smooth pleasure’ while eating chocolates. Interestingly, the ad was also put up to scientific testing.

D. Pepsi ASMR Teaser With Cardi B

Pepsi ASMR Super Bowl ad includes none other than Cardi B. She can be seen tapping her shining nails on a Pepsi can. Her characteristic ‘OKurrr’ can also be heard.

E. Ear Beer By The Swedish Brew Brand – Norrland Guld Ljus

Created by the agency called Akestam Holst, Norrland – The Brew Brand gave its viewers an audio experience on the pleasure of drinking peer. Surprisingly, the brand released ‘Ear Beer’ on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

f. Health Benefits of ASMR


While there is no concrete research on the health benefits of ASMR. Numerous professional recommend ASMR as a powerful tool for mental peace and relaxation. ASMR is considered right up with meditation.

Experts believe that ASMR assists the release of Oxytoxin – a natural hormone related to feeling loved and intimate. These are a few really helpful effects of ASMR videos.

Feeling Less Isolated and Depressed

Decrease in Anxiety

Better Sleep

Better Focus and Concentration

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