Ever Wonder! Why Coffee Is Not Just Coffee Since The Industrial Revolution?


Why Coffee Is Not Just Coffee Anymore!

“Caffeinated beverages are not an accident!” Well, during the peek of the industrial revolution in the United States and Europe, a beverage such as coffee was a strong connector between people.

Caffeine & The Industrial Revolution

Well, people were basically hooked to beer in the latter part of the 18th century. People usually begin their morning with beer which was later substituted by coffee as the beer wasn’t really suitable for the peak of the industrial revolution.

This trend later was the founding father of modern coffee shops around the world. One can’t really imagine their workday without a good coffee! Benefits of coffee at work includes the interaction between people which has always gone hand in hand since then!


Coffee & People!

A. Beverage of the Workplace – Coffee, an astonishingly complex yet flavourful beverage can be addressed as the ‘beverage of the workplace’. It’s strong, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter!

B. Uniting People – However, coffee of almost all kinds has one thing in common, it helps people unite, it helps people talk and mostly it helps people to feel a lot better. Conversations over coffee have never gone out of style!

C. A Perfect Brewed Cup – We see people at our offices swiftly moving towards the coffee machine to get their expresso’s and lattes. They gently stand by the coffee machine while it whims and whistles to get their perfectly brewed coffee.

Jokes, smiles and a lot of conversations fill the surroundings with energy and zeal around the workplace. That is the kind of magic coffee induces!

Benefits Of Coffee At Work!

I subsequently realised how Coffee was not just coffee at my amazing coworking workplace that day!

Whether you sit in an open working desk or whether you focus on your work in a private office space, coffee is something that unites everyone, especially in a workspace. It’s just impossible to work without a gush of your favourite beverage, isn’t it?

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A cup of coffee is a disguised way to just be a better person with deeper insights about others! Here is how coffee is just not coffee at this coworking workplace worth 2 Billion INR.

1. Recruiting & Employment in Professional Setting


i) From Designer To Innovators – People meet prospective clients or professionals over the coffee machine in a coworking space.

Coffee is actually the best way to meet great people as it helps people stay at ease while interacting as the collaboration is conducted in a professional setting.

ii) Diverse Skills – Apart from that, a small chat over a cup of coffee is the easiest and cheapest way to build your presence in an office workspace.

You also get access to a large talent pool due to the presence of people with diverse skills under the same roof. Benefits of coffee at work include the physical access you get to people without any effort or hassles.

2. Defeating Introversion & Encouraging Interaction!


i) Here’s Why People Pay For Coworking – The only reason pay to work in a coworking space is to break the isolating effect of working at home or somewhere remote. Coworking is easier as it imparts a sense of a community and camaraderie in the workplace which helps people fight introversion and loneliness.

ii) Feeling A Connection – Work is all about interaction! Humans largely work better in groups with structure and leadership. Opposed to being alone, a coworking space actually facilitates an individual in growing better. Events, conferences, meetups and community mixers are all part of the coworking advantage.

3. Growing Or Scaling Your Business


i) Discovering New Stimulus – Entrepreneurs, digital nomads and even regular employees love the interaction. They love the feeling of finally being able to learn something new or at least be part of something that’s different once in a while.

Well, coworking actually helps them get that stimulus. With various events, people and a solid community, work supposedly turns into a little less daunting task.

ii) Support, Grow And Learn – While people are grinding away at their work, initial motivation fizzles out after a time period. Hence, The goal is to provide people with an environment that helps people work better, refresh and reboot their work lives. Coffee and interaction help people stay motivated.

4. Startups, Freelancers & The Gig Economy!


i) Coming Together To Create Money –  Combining talent, skills and experience in the same workplace along with some great coffee helps people venture into new spaces. It helps people make more money which is never a bad thing!

ii) An Office Without The Usual Nusiacnes – With the gig economy on the rise, startups and freelancers can be seen in abundance in any coworking space. However, while offices are great for mingling, nuisances such as office politics and power struggle can ruin the whole experience.

Coworking manages to break that down due to no hierarchy or association with just one company or organisation. It’s like working in an office without the usual nuisances. It’s one of the benefits of coffee at work!

Coffee And Innov8 Coworking!


A roundtable, a cup of coffee and a conversation can lead to amazing things in a coworking space. Benefits of coffee at work include a much more interactive place to work, create and grow your business. Moreover, a better work environment and more freedom make a coworking a perfect place to work.

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