The Best Funding Advice From The World’s Most Influential Investors!


Best Funding Advice For Startups

A Wall Street sweetheart, a miser, a Saudi Woman who broke rules, a Jewish man who was uncomfortable with his roots and the Silicon Valley’s most controversial venture capitalist! We combine some unwithering wisdom to present you the best funding advice for startups from the world’s most influential investors. 

You have a dream, an idea or even a product and you’re ready to take on the world. But’s there is just one little problem – ‘Money’. Money – the root of evil and the cost of all happiness in the world is the single most unifying commodity that can make or break a business.

From equity to small business loans, any form of funding is based on the factors of trust and growth of your startup. From an investor’s point of view, it is an important investment. Hence, you and your startup need a substantial induction of trust and other factors!

2 Things Investors Look For Before Investing In A Startup!


1. A Clear Strategy

Warren Buffet’s right man, Charlie Munger was arguably just as successful as Warren Buffet himself. He and Warren read books and discussed ideas for several hours a day which they later recall as the ‘worldly wisdom’

Hence, having a single, quantifiable and clear strategy is the building block of a strong, stable business. No matter your approach, your value or even your income, a single strategy is a way to get ahead!

The ability to stick to a clear strategy makes all the difference.

From Top Indian Investors to the world’s most influential, the common denominator is a single strategy. Sticking to one even when times are hard is a trait hard to match!

2. Your Strengths & The Possibility Of Loss!

Investors are just looking for one thing – ‘Profit”! The only empirical question that they really care about is really the simplest one! “What do they make out of their investment?”

Knowing the possibility of loss is more crucial than knowing the possibility of winning!

Ray Dalio, the world’s leading hedge fund manager is responsible for over $150 billion. In his career which spans over 30 years, he has lost money just thrice. Quite a phenomenal feat. He attributes his success to his ability to be able to identify his strengths but weaknesses as well.

B. Tips & Tricks From The World’s Most Influential!


Be Warned: You May Just Get Inspired

1. Warren Buffet


Regarded as the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet just a normal lad selling stocks in Omaha, USA. He turned his initial savings of around $174000 dollars into $50 billion. His investment plan was simple! Buying, improving for long terms in stock price and then selling at a premium.

2. George Soros


The man who “broke the Bank of England”. Well, risking $10 billion on a single trade was the breakthrough move that helped him make over $1 billion in a single day. Soros major advise was to avoid unnecessary statistics like win rate and focus more on public markets.

3. Peter Thiel


The German-born entrepreneur co-founded Paypal, Clarium Capital, and Palantir Technologies. Being an individualistic libertarian, Peter Thiel focused his work on monopolies. he believes investment in monopolies are great investments. He used Google and Facebook as examples of his theory, two companies without which virtually a lot of people would struggle to imagine their lives.

4. Lubna S. Olayan


The ambassador of Saudi Women Liberation, Luba S. Olayan broke a lot of glass ceilings on her way to becoming the first Saudi woman to handle her father’s business. In a historical move, she employed Saudi women in her company and is part of a lot of social justice movements. She believes investments in joint ventures and partnership can bring a lot of success.

5. Muriel Siebert


Breaking the old age barrier in New York, Muriel Siebert became the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and also went on to become one of Wall Street’s richest stockbrokers. Commonly addressed as “Mickie”, she fought the subtle discrimination against women in Wall Street. A move well documented by TIME magazine and others.

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