Why You Need To Follow This Philosophy For Community – ‘Mulaqat Karamath’


Best Quote on Community – ‘Mulaqat Karamath’

There is a term in URDU called ‘Mulaqat Karamath’: that means your success is directly proportional to the number of people you meet & form positive relations with.

  1. Walk Into A New Work-Life – You walk into an Innov8 Centre and will feel the difference from a conventional office place. Shared workspaces such as Innov8 offer the best community experience which cannot be replicated at home, a coffee shop or even a conventional office space.

2. Heart of Coworking – Individuals, freelancers, corporate employees and artist actually escape loneliness and isolation at a coworking space. Conversation, connections, friendliness and collaboration work at the heart of a coworking workspace.

Mulaqat Karamath – “Success is directly proportional to the number of people you meet & form positive relations with!”


Come & Be A Part Of A Community!

Unlike traditional workspaces, one can actually use the amazing workspace for hosting important conferences, skill days, weekly standups, mentor sessions, fireside chats, book launches, innovation talks and many other activities with ease.

People actually come, speak, listen, share and get involved in the experience of an event.

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