Crucial Insights On What Makes A Workplace Good For Women!


Creating A Better Workplace For Women!

Women, the backbone of our social structure have been subject to centuries of curiosity and oppression. Well, with the world leaping into the 21st century after radial waves of social justice and human expression in the later part of the 20th century, women are no longer alien to working in offices and conglomerates.

Brave Fight For Women Rights


From taking part in the marathon to gaining the right to vote, the road for modern human rights has been nothing short of a brave fight with misogyny.

From Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Emma Watson to numerous others, we see more and more people actively participating to liberate women from stereotypes and help them fare better at social justice.
We can do a lot more to make our offices and workplaces better, safer and effective for women. Here are 3 effective ways of bridging the metaphorical gap for women in workplaces!

1. Reducing Gender Pay & Education Gap


A. Similar Human Values:  We all somehow incur almost similar human values, no matter wherever we are or whatever we do, some things are universal in nature.

We all expect to be judged, paid, respected and loved by our merits. We all look to be recognized for our work rather than our gender, culture and religion.

The same concept goes for women at offices. They expect to be recognised, promoted and paid, not because of their appearance but their work. Well, is that the case?

B. India & Plight of Women: Let’s take How India Fares At Gender Equality – India!
Statistics on Gender & Higher Education Gap In India
Gender Population Gap: In India, gender population gap starts right at birth, an alarming birth rate of around 89 females for every 100 males marks the birth of cultural discrimination against girls in India.


Closing The Gap: However, things are improving at a great pace with women closing the gap in higher education. Women make up to almost half of the students who enrol in high schools and PhDs.

This leads to a significant amount of highly educated and highly employable women being available to take crucial places in the Indian economy. However, here is where gender pay bias comes into play!

The silver lining is the fact that we need to make a crucial effort in reducing this pay gap.


Power Of Gender Gap Parity: If India had taken measures to bridge it’s gender gap, it could have helped India fare better economically – McKinsey Global Report 2015

Initiatives To Reduce Gender Gap: These are various initiatives that have helped reduce the gender pay gap at a global level.

Know More About – HeForShe | Equal Pay Day | Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,2009


Major Reports On Reducing Gender Gap: World Economic Forum | AAUW | HuffPost | BBC | US Department Of Labour 

2. Open Community & Communication


A. Open & Accountable Workplace: An open workspace like Innov8 is actually safer for women due to its ergonomic design which makes the interaction between employees accountable to scrutiny.

Such an office space allows proper participation by both the genders in a workplace but also ensures safety which is in command consciously or subconscious at the time.


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B. Participation & Communication: An office space is not complete without the amalgamation, communication and participation of both the genders. Without diversity and different skills, inevitably a workspace’s productivity takes a hit.
See Our Strong Community & Best Articles on Community

3. Safety and Active Policy on Harassment


Universal Issue: Safety is a universal issue that plagues women around the world. Irrespective of class and location, women have been subjected to sexism and harassment in workplaces for a long time.
From New York to Baghdad and from New Delhi to Oslo, the issue of women safety at workplaces is almost homogeneous with varying degree of severity. Women want to feel safe and cherished at their respective companies irrespective of their appearance.


B. The Rise of Women In Workplaces: With the continuous growth of women participating in higher education. There is a substantial rise in females entering offices, leaving behind their preferred roles such as teaching and nursing.

They can be seen breaking the glass ceiling in their professional lives. With these newly found occupations in industries that were mainly a sole prerogative of men earlier, the quest for equality and safety is needed more than ever before.


Safety At Work Initiatives – VAWHelp | Delhi CM 181 Helpline | IWI | European Agency For Safety & Health At Work 

Women At Innov8 Coworking – We at Innov8 Coworking value diversity and encourage the active promotion of a women-friendly environment at our office.

A. Community Managers – Vidhi Kapoor & Shradha Sanal
Vidhi has created a sustainable community at our Bangalore centre along with Shradha, who is the backbone of our community-building process pan-India.
B. Aditi Avasti – CEO, Embibe

Featured in the latest BBC World Women 2017, Aditi Avasti has long been an amicable part of Innov8 coworking, both as an Innov8er and a mentor. She made the 2017 list of the 100 most influential and inspirational women around the world.


She is actively trying to change elementary education through the use of tech and data to create a better future for deprived children in India.
Join Her Effort Here | Get In Touch With Her | Contact Us At Innov8

Moreover, we at Innov8 recognise the value of each gender and their contribution to the company. Even, our partners who work from our premises, maintain stringent policies that safeguard woman at offices.

Paytm at our Bangalore office has taken great initiatives to protect women at workplaces. They even hosted a special event titled – Akancha against Harassment


Interestingly, the best way to make a woman feel equal and celebrated at work, we need to make our education more gender-neutral. Breaking stereotypes & cliques is actually the first step to reduce inequality and in return is the best way to make workplaces better for women.

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