How To Care Less About Work And Still Achieve More!


Caring Less & Achieving More!

In the sea full of desks, there is talk about work and long pipes that leak dreams. There are loud whispers in long halls, but whispers shouldn’t be this loud, should they?

We make resolutions, we make promises to ourselves that this would be the year that we would transform ourselves. But deep down we know- we always know almost all of it will never happen. And once again, we sit in front of a sea full of desks with hard black coffee in our hands. Sounds Familiar?

Well, just for a while, let’s just care about things that really matter and let go of ones that actually don’t!

We could achieve so much more if we diversify our lives with activities which are different from our work. Caring less isn’t actually so bad or is it?

1: Make Time For Things Other Than Work!

caring-less-achieving-moreIn the words of Aristotle [Ancient Greek Philosopher]“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”, the only way to escape stress is just to care just a little less and this connects with a lot of people today!

Caring less about work comes with perks of its own. At times, thinking and caring less about work discharges us from the pressure to outperform, or putting it more aptly, the pressure of being perfect.

This helps us make choices that help us lead a happier and simpler life. By large we humans have this tendency to put ourselves under subconscious pressure, no matter how apt or talented we may be.

The sheer acceptance of the fact that work is not our whole life immediately liberates us from the undue stress and as soon as that happens, we somehow improve both our work and personal life, Strange, Isn’t it

2: Getting Through Things With Ease


Isn’t skimming through life a better choice than rather than feeling emasculated? Sometimes it’s just easy to enjoy things rather than to be in the mix of them. Enjoying doesn’t mean being careless!

Caring less is not inherently bad, being careless totally is!

Do not confuse caring less with being careless, there’s a stark difference between the both! Wondering how? Well, it’s about how we process our work and personal lives in our minds.

Consciously prioritising and balancing new activities and hobbies overwork is actually caring less about work while procrastinating and cribbing when you’re supposed to work is actually being careless.

We actually start living a lot more if we consciously make a decision to care about things a lot more other than work. Just accept this as a new way of thinking and you let life move in a flow. It will eventually help you work better without putting in the same effort!

3: Are You Trying Too Hard?


Robin Sharma [a famous orator] once said and I quote – “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life”. Isn’t it true at times, we actually let ourselves suffer when we clearly have a choice to change?

While there is inherently nothing wrong with working hard, neglecting other parts of your life may be!

Seldom people realise the value of human interactions, we often limit our interactions as we grow up. Let’s just not do that! You can achieve a lot more in your life if you balance the activities you love and the work you do.

Life may seem to a perpetual race to you right now but as you grow a little older and a lot wiser, that perspective would change. Life isn’t actually a rat race, it’s more like the waves in the ocean! 

We never really know where the wave originates from and how close the shore is! But we can actually travel along with it and enjoy the view while we can. So, stop trying so hard!

4: The Liberation Of Not Being Needy

The common factor among humans who don’t really enjoy their work lives is the stark inability to diversify their lives and caring too much about things that they can’t control!

Ask yourself! Isn’t it true?

Leaving on time is a good way to start the process of caring a little less because work is a non-ending process, you will never just get over with it, so why even try so hard at the first place!

Creating value of your work should be more important to you rather than procrastinating and clocking those hours. One of the main factors about achieving more while caring less is to analytically analyse your time and devote a specific time for everything.

Doing this certainly plays an important part in helping you liberate yourself from feeling needy, being less needy is the basis of happiness, attractiveness and productivity in the first place. Isn’t it?


So, why not actually change the way we work, care a little less and achieve a lot more. Just think about it!

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