Celebrities Turning To Coworking – Kanan Gill at Innov8


Coworking is an upcoming trend in metropolitan Indian Culture. 

From freelancers to celebrities now go for coworking over building their own office:

Kanan with Anand Prakash of Proton Ventures
  1. Cheaper than owning one’s own office.

  2. No boundations or commitments with landlords.

  3. Community-led engagements that help in network expansion & business growth.

  4. Easier to have remote teams.

  5. Coworking makes work fun & Collaborative.

Kanan with Manish Chabra
  • I was amazed to see, Kanan working with us at Innov8 on a Sunday morning. Though he’s based out of Bengaluru, he took a day pass to work out of Innov8.

Just in a casual conversation when I asked him, why do you need to be at a coworking space? He said, he loved Innov8’s ambience, the positive vibrations & the design of the workstations. 

And that was the time I realised, that coworking isn’t only for startups, or freelancers, it’s for everyone who’s creating the work of their life. Everyone needs a thought space for Innovation, needs community & collaboration to revolutionise the way they work. 

Work takes up the majority of a person time.

We at Innov8, believe that everyone who’s passionate about his/her work should get a space which motivates them daily to be better than they were yesterday & to provide them the freedom to innovate & build a vibrant self sustainable community.

Kanan with our founder Dr Ritesh Malik
  • Though, Kanan was troubled by our coworkers, because he’s a very popular person! But then we asked him to shift to a private pod, where he couldn’t access the public. & that’s where he worked for over 8 hours. Interacting with some for some time I learnt 3 very good qualities of Kanan:
  1. Humility: A common trait in most of the celebrities, though was getting disturbed because everyone was poking him during his work, but he always greeted everyone with a smile & gave his time to each & every coworker at Innov8.
  2. Passion & Zeal: On a Sunday, working the whole day without taking a break is incredible.
  3. People Skills: A very soft-spoken person, who respects everyone.

We thank celebrities like Kanan, who believe in the power of collaboration & coworking. – Dr Ritesh Malik  (Founder, Innov8)

Karan with Supriya (Cofounder Josh Talks).

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