Why Paytm – India’s Unicorn Chose Coworking at Innov8


Our premier centre Innov8 Koramangala which is located right the heart of Bengaluru is the third operational office of Paytm. India’s biggest mobile payment platform, Paytm utilised over one and a half floor of private space with over 150 seats reserved for their employees.

We at Innov8 provide you with amazing workplaces that are equipped with state of the art facilities and amenities to handle up to 400 individuals at a time.

From start-ups, freelancers to a corporate heavyweight such as Paytm, everyone is now acknowledging the role of co-working spaces like Innov8 in helping build better workspaces and workstyles.

This is why Paytm – India’s Biggest Fintech Company collaborated with Innov8




1. State of the Art accommodation that one couldn’t refuse:

  • New Age Coworking Space – Unlike the traditional boring spaces that people settle for unwillingly. Paytm were offered a hip office space that had a pool table, foosball table, in- house musical instruments like guitars and a lot more to help the employees spend their breaks much more wisely.
  • Amazing Rooftop – Apart from all such fun, we offered them a rooftop terrace where they could unwind and experience tranquillity. With the Innov8’s Koramangala centre being over 35000 Sq. ft big, people have the option to make use of such a large space according to their team size.

co-working-workspace2. Choose from a multitude of affordable plans:

  • Reduction in Expenses – The biggest hurdle in starting out on your own is finding a place to work in. Not only renting a property is expensive, but it also comes with a lot of other hassles like managing the paperwork, electricity, and furniture.
  • Affordable Plans – We at Innov8 let our clients choose from plans that start from as low as INR 600/hr. It saves individuals and companies from unnecessary hassles and lets them work in peace. People looking for more options could choose from an affordable monthly membership that comes with great complimentary services.


  1. Great complimentary and optional services:

  • Handling Diverse Needs – With Paytm being a company that has a diverse group of professionals working for them, different people have different needs when it comes to added services and facilities.  
  • At Your Service – Apart from complimentary services that includes fast Wi-fi, printing credits, conference rooms, private call rooms, lunchroom , and complimentary infused vitamin water, coffee, tea, and snacks, we offered them additional facilities such as Concierge Services, HR Services, Legal assistance, DevOps & IT Support Services, Design (UI/UX) Services, Accounts & Tax Consultancy Services etc. so that they can focus on their business.


  1. Solid community, great collaboration and possibilities:

  • Finding Talent – A coworking workplace is not only a great experience but also a networking opportunity. With diligent entrepreneurs and motivated individuals all around, one can actually use the workspace for hiring talent or finding talent as well.
  • Community Experience – Such a wholesome experience is important when you’re working day in and day out to keep you focused. In such a great co-working environment at Innov8, we gave Paytm employees a platform where they could reach people from different startups and businesses under one roof.


  1. Making their work and lives easier:

  • Creativity in Design – Innov8 Coworking aims to ease the lives of busy entrepreneurs and professionals by promoting creativity and healthy working lifestyle. Innov8 has a great ambience that uses a beautiful ergonomically designed workspace that includes patio furniture, ideation cubes, black zones, mystic lightings and extrinsic use of wood along with grass.
  • Open Working Space – This equates to a not so typical yet amazing workspace. The green terrace and open working space make the place great to work for Paytm employees. It brushes away the mental stress of working in a boxed zone like a slave as well.


  1.  Offering them great comfort and an excellent location:

  • Central Bengaluru Location – Innov8 offered Paytm a great central location so no one in the company travels too great a distance in the city itself. It is scientifically proven through various research that individuals with shorter commuting time to work are happy and most productive in their work.
  • Proximity to Social Hubs – Proximity to great social centres, complexes and plaza which are found mostly in the centre of cities like Bengaluru make co-working in a place like Innov8 a great co-working place.
  • Quality Working Space – Innov8 is also a great substitute for a home office that is mostly preferred by freelancers and remote workers. Access to clean, quality space along with nap rooms for relaxation and comfort at the Innov8 Koramangala centre is an added bonus.


7. Helping people become mentally healthier:

  • Reducing Stress – According to a report by IT industry body NASSCOM, India has grown to be the third-largest hub for startups around the globe, with about four new firms being born every day. So while people are becoming more ambitious and hardworking, there is also a marked increase in general stress levels.
  • Breaking Monotony – Working from home or boring cubicles can actually do more harm than good. Essentially offices were spaces for work and coming back home meant relaxing. However, with the line blurring now, we never really ‘turn off’ from work.
  • Healthier Minds – By providing a place like Innvo8, we make young entrepreneurs and professionals mentally sound and healthier by giving them space which they can call their second home.


8. Helping individuals learn more and become more productive:

  • Increasing Productivity – In community-based work life, learning is an ever-going process. Seeing other organisations work in the same space helps people learn about new businesses from a professional point of view. Striking conversation with people is actually a great opportunity to find new work as well.
  • Odd Hours, No Problems – Working odd hours at the co-working space is also not an issue. People at Innov8 are always present at your service. Rather than you adjusting, we adjust ourselves according to your plans. An ideal match of startups and businesses happen at co-working spaces that create an environment where new ideas can take birth as well.


  1. Making the world a better place:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprints – Innov8 also helped the world become a better place by reducing the environmental impact. A common space incorporates sustainability, recycling and reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Shared Resources – With shared electricity, shared cooling space, and shared resources, the factor of sustainability and conservation is built right into the heart of our business. Innov8 helped Paytm reduced their carbon footprint on the environment in the day and age of such expansive pollution in our cities.
  • Healthier World – Such values lead to a much more healthier world. With this ideology in mind, we at Innov8 give you a chance to do your bit for the world by just changing the way you work. We help people reconnect with nature.


  1. Incorporate the spirit and passion of startup culture in big corporate:

  • Startup Culture – With a coworking space, a different culture is born that attracts more creativity and openness among employees. Rather than looking for relief from the conventional corporate office space, employees are generally happier in a coworking centre due to the presence of a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Social Happiness – Appealing activities promote social happiness among workers due to the presence of the great functional environment. This is why a startup culture was originally incorporated. Hence, the presence of an Innov8 like startup has helped people realise their passion and spirit.

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