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Office Where Good Coffee Fuels Your Day!

One cannot imagine a modern office space without coffee or beverages in today’s era. It’s so adjoined with our identities. Coffee is sometimes the saviour of our midday work hours and sometimes the most effective way to strike a conversation.

Grabbing a coffee in a coworking space like Innov8 may turn out to be an experience of its own. You may spark a conversation with the next Jeff Bezos or maybe a budding artist. It may even spark a new idea, a new friendship or a new venture!

Coffee At Innov8


With Top-End coffee from Cafe Coffee Day to a sizzling Cold Coffee from Nestea, Innov8 Coworking will never let you down with a dull beverage.

1.  Cafe Coffee Day Coffee:

You can get and enjoy any of the three choices at our centres which include expresso, latte, and cappuccino. Coffee lovers will never be let down again, especially not at Innov8.


With beverages from India’s best coffee provider, coffee at Innov8 doesn’t get better than this. A powerful stimulant that is rich in antioxidants, that’s coffee at Innov8 Coworking for you!

2. Nestea Cold Coffee:


Coffee also promotes social interaction and social harmony among coworkers as it gives people a chance to gel up with one another without feeling nervous or inappropriate.

So, if you’re looking to be happy at work, working out of Innov8 Coworking will definitely help you [also, you will get our complimentary coffee!]

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