4 Reasons Why Corporates and Startups Love Collaboration!


Collaboration at coworking workspaces provide a productive, creative and an innovative work environment. All these great value-added services and amenities at economical costs makes it an enticing option.

Theses spaces promote collaboration, sharing, networking and unhindered interaction under the same space at no extra costs unlike big meetups, networking events and conferences.


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Coworking spaces have always been popular from the start with small startups and small businesses but lately, a multitude of big corporate giants have turned to coworking for better performance, greater innovation and collaboration to make their services and businesses even better.

Innovation is the core strength of the coworking culture and space


1. Social Culture

A. Stronger Social interaction

It’s safe to say that coworking has turned into a breeding ground for young entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups. These people have a stronger social culture when compared to the previous generations.

They tend to easily collaborate with others to create better products and services. This trend has extended to more and more established corporates and their employees.

B. Huge Potential

Corporates have realized that coworking offices have the potential to harness new talents with innovation, progressive change, and extensive collaboration. Under the same roof, they found that they could easily share resources and make use of a large talent pool which would be beneficial for both them and the startups.


2. An Open Office

A. Bridging The Gap

These coworking workspaces have bridged the gap between corporates and startups which was a major deterrent to innovation in working industries.

Coworking workspace provides great links for young entrepreneurs and startups, vice versa stagnant corporates can access unique talent pools with great skills and better employment hiring prospects.

B. Future of Work

This can be credited to the design of a coworking office along with its environment. Large corporates find these spaces full of energy and enthusiasm. It helps long-term employees of these companies to break the constant monotony and lets them experience a new stimulus which is great for their work-life balance.


3. Collaboration & Productivity

A. Up Close & Personal

A large number of workers actually prefer to work in startups due to the fact that they feel their work has a greater impact on their industry. Hence, when these workers start working in coworking offices, they actually get an up-close and personal view of the life of corporates.

This is a tremendous help for them as it lets them professionally realize the value of their work and whether they want to make the switch or not.

Significant Increase In Output

Large companies, on the other hand, find that these shared spaces beneficial. They feel that collaboration in a coworking office actually increases productivity and work rate of their employees. This significantly increases the companies output which translates into better profits for the company.


4. Success & Growth

A. Healthier and Better

By placing their staff in shared spaces such as coworking, these companies actually make their employees much healthier and more social. Working in a coworking also changes the administrative structure and gladly makes the organization much less hierarchical for their employees.

This subconsciously encourages employees to make better use of their skills due to the feeling of greater autonomy.

B. Work Orientated Growth

In a coworking space, like-minded individuals can make use of each other’s expertise. Therefore, when different companies and startups collaborate in a coworking space, they together strengthen future partnerships, build a trustworthy community and help each other via expertise and information transfer.


Interaction and collaboration help enhance the performance of employees and entrepreneurs by positively affecting their focus and concentration.

With more and more corporates turning to coworking, it would be a sin to not to switch to it and hail its benefits. The bottom line of coworking benefits is that a collaborative environment has a great impact on both small businesses and large organizations.

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