COVID-19: Best Ways to Make Work from Home Productive


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies have been forced to shift to mandatory work-from-home policies. This has resulted in a sudden paradigm shift in work ethics and work practices. Hence, we all need some new perspectives about work to make the most of it.

COVID-19 brings all companies to roll out working from home culture, though some get used to it, some feel lost. Here is the list of 5 best ways to make work from home successful.

1. Designate a physical space to work out of from during official working hours!

Simple yet a crucial pointer. Since, your home is now your workspace, spilling in deep procrastination will be easier than ever. Therefore, you need clear boundaries to separate work from leisure. This start from designating a physical workspace, especially away from your bedroom or the area where you sleep.

i. Designate a physical workspace in your home – As your in charge of your surroundings, you have to still treat yourself as an employee.

ii. Stick with your regular working hours – This will help you transition back to the office easily later.

iii. Dress formally – Stay away from pyjamas as this simple act serves as a subconscious reminder between work and leisure.

2. Still follow your morning routine

Appearance-based tasks such as showers and dressing up usually slip to the latter half of the day due to disruption in our working schedules. Hence, the only way to ensure better working habits from home is to stick with your morning routine that involves getting ready and dressed up for work.

i. Wake up and get to your laptop at the same time – Following the same routine not only makes you productive, but it also keeps you mentally fitter in this time of crisis.

ii. Be prepped for video calls –  As it’s 2020, it is ensured that a lot of video calls would take place. Having a respectable demeanour and appearance is always acknowledged.

3. Create structure and boundaries

One big challenge while working from home is to keep work-life balance. Therefore, creating structured work timings will help you distinguish between work and personal time, making it easier and healthier to work from home.

i. Home and work lives should still be separate entities – Try to follow the routine and regularly disengage from work. This should help you deal better with both, home life and family.

ii. Take breaks – Regular breaks are vital even if you’re not leaving home. Don’t forget taking the lunch break as usual as well. This keeps you well aligned and not feel sluggish through the day as well.

4. Do not forget to communicate

As the whole office starts working from home, a lot of social interaction is now effectively dead. As soon as you work from home, the feeling of isolation starts to set in. To counter this, you need to talk constantly connected with both colleagues, friends and family.

Interact with your colleagues and friends alike – With physical interaction being stopped, all the small talks and catching up with friends over breaks go down the hill. To counter, try to call and reach out to people even if you’re at home.

Break the monotony and isolation with constant communication – Combat such feelings by talking through slack, zoom and phone calls. This will keep your spirits lifted up.

5. Do not neglect your physical and mental health

Going fully remote restricts a lot of physical moment that we might have from commuting and walking around the office complex. To tackle this, you need to motivate yourself to avoid feeling physically or mentally sick.

Try to get natural light – When working from home, try to place your laptop near natural light. If that’s not possible, to expose yourself to ample sunlight in a day.

Make time for exercise or indoor/outdoor walks – Try to go either do some light exercise or go outside for a walk in the evening. If that’s not possible due to lockdown, try visiting your terrace or balcony. The main idea to keep on moving.

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