These Coworkers Started Their Journey with Innov8 – Now Have Over 4 Million Page Views Per Month


They Started as Coworkers at Innov8 Coworking and It Was A Life-Changing Decision.

Coworkers @Innov8

Here’s a story of entrepreneurs from Chandigarh who wanted to engage football fans worldwide through great productive apps and websites that understand users.

1. What Is That You Do? Help Us Understand.

  • Engage Football Fans Around The World – Engaging football fans with the clubs they love and support by providing them with regular news and updates, live, pre and post-match updates and building a great community in the whole process.
  • Analyse Each Fan’s Requirement – The goal is to create an intelligent fan assistant that will understand and analyse each fan. The assistant will understand behaviour, rivalries and provide user-specific content.
Hustle @ Innov8

 2. What Kind of Problem Are You Solving Through Your Work?

  • From Standard To Personalised Experience – Most of the existing fan engagement applications right now are very standard in nature and they don’t consider the fact that each fan is different.
  • Different Users, Different Needs – For Example, Engagement during rival matches is different from normal matches. This kind of information helps us specifically target those users and create a more specific solution.
  • What Do Users Need – The current solutions consider all the users as one entity. However, that is not the case, every fan is different and we aim to give users content that they exactly need.

Serving Over 50 Thousand Active App Users and More Than 4 Million Page Views Per Month.

3. How Can A Football Fan Interact With You:

Apps on Play Store:

app-football-officeApp Links – Blues Fans Club: ( 20,000 App Users ) | Red Glory: ( 42,500 Users ) |Kop End: ( 5,400 Users )

3. How Did You Start Your Journey?

  • August 2014, Quit My Job – We started building the ecosystem back in August 2014 after I quit my first job.
  • Making Chelsea Fans Happy – We built a fan app that would convert the fixtures that were published in GMT and convert it according to the local time zone and sync it with their local calendar for Chelsea Fans.

Focus and Inspiration Gathered From Coworking at Innov8 Helped Us Double Our Revenue


4. Why Did You Choose Coworking At Innov8 Chandigarh:

  • Our Journey With Innov8 – We joined Innov8 recently as coworkers and it has been a life-changing decision for us in terms of learning experience and exposure that we have had.
  • Doubled Our Revenues – In the last 4 months at Innov8, we have doubled our revenues thanks to the focus and inspiration we gathered here.
  • Home Away From Home – Innov8 feels like a home away from home. Despite the fact that we all are from different parts of the country, we still feel comfortable at Innov8.

Four Crucial Lessons We Learned While We Worked As Coworkers at Innov8 Coworking


5. Lessons Learnt Through Your Journey:

  • Choosing Wisely – We need to be very careful in terms of who we choose as our investors and partners.
  • Intellectual Rights – Our first app ‘My Chelsea‘ was an instant success but it got into issues on the intellectual property grounds. That was a huge setback at the time.
  • Scaling Up – The biggest lesson was that starting is easy but scaling up is extremely tough. The right set of infrastructure, processes and team is crucial in order to sustain and grow in the market.
  • Spend Wisely – One more lesson that we learnt during the whole process is our spending habits. Frugality is important but one should not under-estimate the value of meaningful spending.

 6. Tell Us More About Your Team and Your Future Goal:

  • We The Coworkers – We are a 5 member team consisting of content creators, engineers and managers. We were coworkers who used the Innov8 Chandigarh workspace to follow our dream.
  • Our Aim – Our goal is to create an application which will act as their best friends which actually understands their fandom and is available for help and conversation when they need it the most

7. Any Moment That Made Your Business Worth:

  • Delight From Africa – Premier League Matches in Africa are still costly to telecast with few and far matches available to view. Though mobile internet penetration is very high, mobile data is still a valuable resource.
  • That Call Made Us Believe In Something – As coworkers at Innov8, one of my favourite memory is when an African fan called us after using one of our apps. He was delighted after using the app. Not only could he follow his favourite club, but he could also do it without wasting precious mobile data.
  • Reaching All Demographics – With our app being so easy to load even on slower internet connections, it was able to help a large user base who had limited resources to spare get the latest info about their favourite clubs.

 We Don’t Give Up.


8. How Has A Coworking Office Like Innov8 Helped You?

  • Frog In A Well Before Innov8 – Working from home, made us crazy at times but shifting to Innov8 and working as coworkers was really an eye-opener. New interactions, meaningful conversations and networking with fellow entrepreneurs kept us motivated.
  • Networking and Positivity At innov8 – When we are down or a feeling bit stressed, coming to innov8 helps a lot. It has that positive vibe that keeps you going. And then there are a lot of seminars and events that keep on happening that help us keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings.

9. What Motivates And Keeps You At Up Night

  • Achieving Supremacy – The crux of our motivation is the eagerness to improve and search for ways to achieve product supremacy.
  • Faster and Better – We look for ways to get things done faster and maybe fail quickly in order to push forward and create a great product.

office-chandigarh-coworking10. Where Do You See Your Venture In 10 Years?

  • Market Leaders in Fan Engagement – In ten years, after nailing and scaling our fan engagement applications, I think we would be market leaders in what we are doing. Ten years is a long time in technology, to be honest.
  • Amazing Fan Solutions – Focus on the solutions rather than the technology that will be used to solve them. Delighting our users with innovative solutions.

We Plan Things Out & Execute Them, We Always Keep Learning.

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