How Coworking Went Big With Modi’s Startup India Push


How Coworking Went Big With Modi’s Startup India Push

Coworking Has Experienced Great Exposure Due To Modi’s Startup Push Along With New Giants Like Paytm and KPMG.

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“In the last decade or so, coworking as a business model has proved quite successful and has offered people an alternative to the traditional way of work.” With the Indian market booming, the need for coworking offices has grown quite rapidly.

Modi’s Push For A New India:

Also, the govt’s push for an Indian success story through various collaborations and initiatives like Startup India, Digital India and Make in India has given the market the much-needed push to succeed.


1.International and National Success:

  • No More Niche – Coworking is just not utilised by freelancers or digital nomads anymore. Big corporates and big multinationals are now embracing the spirit of coworking.
  • Big Players On Board – The huge growth of WeWork and Innov8 in the International and Indian market has affirmed the fact that coworking is the future.

2. Indian Youth Ready To Upgrade:

  • Ditch The Boring – With young Indians joining the workforce every day, working in traditional ways is suddenly turning around. Indian youth is much more creative and flexible when it comes to working.
  • More Like College – Coworking centres act as incubation centre rather than boring spaces. Young people crave excitement and freedom while they work which is very different from the traditional boring offices that focus on time rather than productivity.



3. Affordable Cowork Offices:

  • Practical and Economical – Flexible, economical and practical, these three words go in correlation with working spaces and business workspaces are more affordable when compared to the costs involved in renting out an entire office space.
  • Much Lower Operational Cost – They also provide infrastructure and operational support while businesses can focus on things that matter to them.

4. Start and Stay In India:

  • Stay In India With Such Great Initiatives – Brain drain has been a huge problem for India. Recent development such as Modi’s Make in India, Digital India and Startup India Programme under the Startup Action Plan has given a new boost to the work environment in India.
  • World Class Coworking Office At Such Low Prices – Coworking spaces like Innov8 provide world-class facilities at such economical prices in India that it has become a great option for people who earlier used to emigrate from India.

Spaces like Innov8 are perfect spaces that allow great networking, amazing connections and solid community experience for freelancer, entrepreneurs and corporates respectively.

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