Coworking and Entrepreneurship – Antidote To Loneliness


Coworking and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is difficult – long work hours, increased accountability, complex work-life balance and capital crunch. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers who embark on a long, courageous and lonely journey at times.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine” – Jack Ma

Humans are social animals who always strive to live in tribes or communities. With work consuming most of our lives, people end up lonelier along without a particular sense of belonging. While the gig economy is booming due to freelance work, digital nomadism and remote work, the adverse effects include lack of human interaction which leads to loneliness and social isolation.

With the traditional office spaces becoming increasingly obsolete, coworking is increasingly presenting itself as a viable option for entrepreneurs and independent workers. A shared working environment such as coworking space makes it easy to connect with like-minded people and embraces a culture of sharing rather than isolation.

Furthermore, individuals who use coworking space enjoy a greater degree of life satisfaction, happiness and engagement along with increased social interaction with events and innovation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, then hosting your business from a coworking has multiple advantages. Coworking offers numerous advantages over traditional offices spaces or coffee shops which is ideal for entrepreneurs.

1. Entrepreneurs and Coworking

Entrepreneurs can derive many benefits from coworking spaces, that would not be feasible from home or even traditional offices. While many entrepreneurs also conform to working from nearby coffee shops or small cafes, thinking of them as conducive workspaces for their budding businesses which rarely turns out to be the case. Coffee shops are mostly noisy, distracting and expensive whereas home offices, in turn, make most of the people lazy and hop on to the bed whenever one gets the chance.

Hence, an entrepreneur can benefit from coworking spaces largely due to its affordability when compared to coffee shops, it’s ergonomically designed workspaces that are meant to increase productivity and encourage networking – crucial caricatures for a successful business.

2. Entrepreneurial Coworking Is The Cure


Coworking Space presents itself as an affordable option that tackles the issues of social isolation and fragmented networking. While conventional offices are often leased based for periods that extend from two to twenty years along with high deposit and lengthy paperwork to deal with. Whereas coworking is based on the plug-n-play model – perfect for entrepreneurs and budding businessman. Low upfront cost and flexible timelines make it possible to work in a dynamic way.

3. The Antidote to Loneliness – Coworking



“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” — Biz Stone

Humans are meant to live, work and thrive in communities. Hence, an entrepreneur starts his journey in stark contrast to social norms and conventions. An honourable and strong step with everyone telling you differently. However, dealing with rejection and negative feedback through the long journey may give birth to self-doubt, that in return gives birth to loneliness.

While it is great to interact with clients and even employees as an entrepreneur, at times people need more peers than subordinates or even a mentor. Solving this is as easy as renting a seat in a coworking space – you get to meet like-minded people in an innovative environment. Also, watching other people striving even motivates people in such environments. Such a workspace actually challenges you helps you unleash your potential.

4. Things To Remember While Struggling To Reach The Top

The struggle to the top is really lonely. Juggling through numerous things can invoke fear, doubt and resentment. However, loneliness can even hurt the most stringent workers which are clear from the study by Harvard Business Review which concludes that  50% of CEOs reported feeling lonely at work, and of this group, 61% believed that the feeling hindered performance. When you look at first-time CEOs, the numbers climb to 70% in both categories.

Hence, loneliness is a real problem even at the top. ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’ – This is especially true for people who reach the top or strive to. From losing constant interaction with friends and family to working round the clock takes a toll on mental health and overall wellness.

Therefore, it is important to develop work-life balance in the form of proper support groups and social relationships to stay cognitively healthy and sound.

5. Perks You Get In The Process:


Making informed decisions are core values of entrepreneurs. Hence, as an entrepreneur – one can easily see the value coworking workspaces adds to one’s lives apart from just being ergonomic and productive workspaces.

Location – Prime and central locations make coworking spaces extremely convenient and practical for entrepreneurs. Shorter commute through major transit hubs to a city’s urban core makes coworking an excellent choice for entrepreneurs.

Coffee & Other Amenities – Premium coffee – better than most coffee shops and that too for free along with other amenities such as support staff, vitamin water, high-grade internet and much more.

Hot Desks & Day Pass – Serial entrepreneurs value time. Hot desks and day passes are great choices for shorter commitment periods and optimum use of capital.

No Hidden Costs – A seamless experience which no additional costs and no additional cognitive space. An all-inclusive workspace that allows individuals to network through events and social harmony.

‘Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most’ – Dostoyevsky. While we are caught up in our lives – the real question is, if we are willing to make a change for the better, a better way of working!

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