Coworking Spaces – Rising To Immense Growth

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Coworking Offices and Coworking Growth, Let’s Take a Look:

Coworking spaces offer a common platform for diverse working classes. It aids Start-ups, students, researchers, freelancers and professionals in their work journey.

  • Exponential Growth – The recent statistics show that the people rolling towards coworking space are exponentially increasing. There could be a number of positive reasons leading to this impactful change. To get an idea, it looks something like this


  • With a space fee ranging between Rs.500 per day to as much as Rs.13,000 per month, coworkers can have access to various facilities such as an event, community, common cafeteria, meeting rooms and admin facilities.


  • Improving Work-Life – It’s an attempt to replace the conventional working methods with contemporary patterns by improving work standards and quality.
  • Modern Spaces – Traditional working ways are revolutionized to modern working spaces which are more collaborative, creative, motivating and optimistic.
  • Passion and Work – People find these coworking spaces more encouraging, focused and explicit for their work. You are surrounded with the aura of inspiration, passion and positivity from people with diverse backgrounds.


  • Success – As studied in a research, start-ups who work in a co-working space are four times more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

  • Quality – People have agreed that it enhances their working efficiency and thought process. Nevertheless, the working quality touches the peaks of perfection and accomplishment.

  • Rising Quick – There are some statistics that have shown the rising graph of coworking spaces in multiple domains and claim that such concepts would gain an immense gravity in the coming future.

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  • Indian Growth Story – If we observe the graph, we can clearly figure out what co-working would lead to. India is a country of young and aspiring talents and entrepreneurs. People now prefer to work independently at the discretion of the comforts and willingness to work in a conclusive environment.
  • Interaction – They believe in interacting with new people that could help their purpose and vice versa. Thereafter, they have started to spend more of their time in co-working centres as against their traditional office cabins.

What a co-working space can really do for you?

  • Relationships and Values – The values of co-working rest in building networks, relationships and a wide platform of opportunities. It’s a great upliftment when you get to interact with people from different work segments. It is a hub where one can create large and distinct networks and knowledge of different fields.
  • New Age and Modern Worklife – New entrepreneurs who need a space to structure their ideas and creativity; co-working is a perfect fit for them. Co-working has gained special importance among these groups. You may get contacts for your business investments and advisors too. The people you are with are the people from whom you learn the most.
  • Freelancer Found Their Space In Coworking – Freelancers who do not have a specific location or office premise may find it difficult to work at coffee cafes or home due to constant distraction. Co-working spaces give them a perfect solution and they have started choosing these as their work locations.
  • Community and Networking – These spaces are not limited or biased to a particular community of work station. Co-working spaces rather invite all communities to be a part of innovation and creation and build successful working places. Simultaneously it supports different events, business meetings and other discussions as well.apollo 11
  • Pondering to the needs of the workers, these stations are designed in such a manner that they fall to be the exact picture of what they needed. They dwell different workrooms like a dark room which is solely for dedicated and focused working.
  • People who prefer to work away from the crowd can choose to work here. Next are the living areas where people work collectively and this is what makes it lively are to work and interact. Then some prefer to work in separate cabins to carry on with their business and interact less, for them, there is a different set of cabins. We can also talk about other areas like meeting rooms, relaxing room, and all-time available coffee and Wi-Fi facilities. You get to embroil with so many events as well that are held time to time on different agenda’s.

23415057884_31d68afe1d_oAs compared to traditional companies, co-working station has been proved to be more effective in-network and relationship building. When you get to work with so many talents under the common roof, you tend to interact more and learn more. When you notice others working you get motivated to work more efficiently.

They feel to be a part of a community where people contribute towards the betterment of each co-worker.

This is the reason why such places have started to gain so much gravity.


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