How Innov8 Coworking’s Occupancy Rates Went From 0% to 100% In Just One Year!


100% Occupancy & A Waitlist – 7 Reasons!

The coworking industry in India has rapidly garnered attention and love from huge working populations that include freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and even large-scale organizations.

i) Designed For Work – Working from a coworking space like Innov8 was a refreshing experience for people who were usually stuck at a busy & expensive coffee shop. Cafes were never designed for work, they were designed for a capitalistic experience.

ii) Solution For Conventional Offices – However, the coworking industry in India gave a great solution to an ailing working population with its amazing offices that reeked of freshness along with a boundless, timeless community of great individuals to interact with!

coworking-industry-in-indiaHow Ritesh Malik Thinking Made All The Difference – By diversifying focus from startups onto SMEs, remote corporate teams, etc, Innov8 successfully achieved the desired occupancy rates along with a very diverse community experience which is still absent from other market players.

1.The Innov8 Design & Vibe

We all have at least one special place where we let go of our inhibitions and actually feel at ease. The same story goes with where we work, it directly correlates with the way we work.

Read Our Head of Design’s Take on Design at Innov8 Here!

  1. Encouraging Open Dialogue – From working pods, ergonomic furniture, nap rooms, ideations area to swings and amphitheatres, Innov8’s vibe and design encourages open dialogue and brainstorming with like-minded individuals.
  2. Making Coworkers Feel Comfortable – Further, We at Innov8 Coworking focus on designing and planning in a detailed manner to make sure that the co-workers feel comfortable enough to work without any apprehensions.

2. Time & Flexible Plans!

Innov8 arguably provides the best coworking offices in India. With personalized workstations, Bristol furniture, industry-grade broadband, recreation and cafeteria space, the shared office spaces of Innov8 Coworking bring vibrancy back into people’s work lives.

View Our Plans – Hot Desking | Dedicated Desk | Private Office | Virtual Office

  1. Options & Plans – The plethora of options and plans to choose from makes coworking an extremely affordable and excellent choice for working through the year 24*7. Day-Passes, hot desking or a private office, we offer everything that you possibly want at a coworking office.
  2. A Simple Price Structure – The pricing structure is simplistic and suits the needs of diverse customers. Travellers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads can either choose a day pass or a hot-desking plan while people who looking for longer stays can choose dedicated desks or private office.

3. Increase In Work Productivity

You think working from home is productive, well you better take a look here!

The most apparent reason why the coworking industry in India is becoming popular is the fact that it induces better work productivity and well being of an individual. Working from home is actually a distraction in disguise.


  1. No More Distraction – The availability of distraction turns more productive people in procrastinators once they start to work from less suitable environments like a home or traditional mundane office spaces. 
  2. An Autonomous Environment – Coworking not only breaks the monotony but also helps the individual’s well being, mental health and also social relationships.

4. A Cost-Effective Solution!

Whether you decide to be your own boss or work for your company, you can do that that in a cost-effective solution.


Workspaces in most premium areas of Central Business Districts in major Tier-1 cities and that too at affordable prices. Well, that is the kind of service Innov8 offers to its clients.

 An ideal space for startups and businesses with special access cards that provides our clients with complementary services that include access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, recreational areas and a terrace garden to break the monotony of any day. Our Vice President [Mr. Ankush Grover] beautifully sums up work in a few words!


1. Say No to Long Leases and Construction – With Innov8, you no longer worry about the hassles of signing a lease or worry about the construction costs. 

2. Walk away from the Hassles of Managing Office – You go in and just start working!, That’s about it! No bills to care about, no overhead hidden expenses.

5. The Fun Factor at Innov8

“Let’s grab some snacks nearby, just give me twenty minutes to finish this up and I’ll meet you at your desk.”


Well, this is what Our Chief Designer [Manish Mittal] was heard saying to his fellow co-workers on different occasions.


  1. De-stress @Innov8 Coworking – From an amphitheatre at Innov8 Saket to an Xbox at Innov8 Koramangala, Innoc8 has everything to keep you happy, which even includes a destress zone at Innov8 Mumbai which houses over 3000 stress balls.
  2. Relax & Work – A relaxed coworking workspace like Innov8 offers a lot when it comes to having fun at work.

6. The Innov8 Community Experience

What sounds more conducive to you’re career growth?

Working in your pyjamas at your home, or working with leaders, thinkers and other like-minded people in a place made for collaboration and exploration of new ideas. Well, I can certainly guess which one you choose! Our Visual Media Manager [Mr. Tushar Pandey] beautifully sums up it up!



The coworking industry in India is huge in the startup world due to the presence of a vibrant community. Also, constant interaction with people is the foundation of a great workspace environment such as Innov8 Coworking.


  1. Hosts To Events & Collaborations – Headed by Shradha Sanal, our coworking space has been a host of numerous renowned events, brands, and collaborations.
  2. A Life Full Of Opportunities – Regular gatherings for community mixers, events, and workshops make it a place full of life, camaraderie, and opportunities.

7. Innovation & Collaboration

Do you value a safe workspace that has a supportive environment and that actually values interaction?

The coworking industry in India actually values innovation and actively promotes it through the constant exchange of new ideas among its community. That is what our CMO [Mr. Russell Longjam] feels as well!

Startup founders and entrepreneurs make their businesses a lot better after they collaborate with their peers who are present for one on one interaction right in their workspace.

Just two driven people can create magic in a coworking space, the world needs a lot more of that!


  1. New Ideas & Products – A coworking space like Innov8 lets you experiment, succeed or even fail. It gives you the opportunity to make it right and create new ideas, products, and services.
  2. Succeed Doing More – In a coworking space, you succeed in doing more much than your typical work, you succeed in doing what you always wanted to do and that too in a great way!

With the coworking industry in India growing steadily, this the best time to be part of the coworking revolution?

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