Customer Feedback About Coworking At Innov8 Made Us Blush !

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This Is What They Told Us About Coworking At Innov8 Workspaces

  • Here’s what our beloved community told us about coworking at Innov8. Interactive sessions with few of the start-ups and coworkers working at Innov8 gave us an insight into our customer’s lives.
Shobhit and Supriya share their success journey @ Innov8
Team JOSH Talks @ Innov8

1. Josh Talks – Shobit and Supriya 

  • Brilliant Idea – “Amazing, brilliant, we love Innov8”, are the exact words Shobit came up with when we asked him about what he feels about Innov8. “We have been looking for coworking spaces since so many months.
  • Perfection In Execution Of Services – We almost checked around 17-18 coworking spaces but couldn’t find anything better than Innov8. Innov8 was totally out of competition, out of comparison. Everything about Innov8 is just perfect.
  • Inspiring And Comfort – A perfect ambience to work, perfect ambience to relax, perfect of building networks, perfect for all start-ups, perfect furniture and perfect as a whole. We can feel truly inspired and motivated when we work at Innov8. We couldn’t find this spark of inspiration anywhere else.
  • Ritiesh Sir’s Motivation – It was then when Ritesh took us to innov8, I kept questioning myself- where was I till now? It is such a pleasure to work here and we already have fallen in love with the things we see here.”
Sushant talks about his experience @ Innov8
All India Radio @ Innov8
  1. All India Radio – Sushant Malhotra
  • Turning Point Of Life – “Ever since I stepped into Innov8, I got all the positive vibes and energies I was searching for since such a long time. I was actually looking for places and a way out to my problems until I stepped into Innov8. It actually marked the turning point of my life.
  • Energy And Zeal To Work – I never thought that the journey to my destiny would start from here. I believe working at Innov8 has boosted my energy and zeal to work. I am more confident to face the challenge of the world. The only thing I regret most is that why didn’t Ritesh come up with such a brilliant idea earlier.”
Aaditya and Ritu share their start-up story @ Innov8
Team Neuron @ Innov8
  1. Neuron – Aaditya and Ritu
  • Feels Like Home – “If you ask me what’s home, I’ll say Innov8”. Innov8 has also given me and my team homely yet a professional platform to work. I suppose now I cannot find anything better than Innov8 as this is the best place for us to work.
  • The place Is Good – Whenever we see around the place we feel so motivated to see people work so intensely. This place is designed so beautifully and intelligently, so many exhilarating thoughts, motivational quotations, wall hanging frames etc.
  • Building Network – Moreover, it’s a hub of likeminded people as well as people from different horizons sharing so many ideas with each other. It acts as a strong base when you connect and build network, you have diverse ideas from diverse minds.”
Gagandeep can't stop talking about the perfection of Innov8
Electronic Health Records @ Innov8
  1. Electronic Health Record – Gagandeep
  • Prime Location – “Innov8 is an amazing, magnificently designed and phenomenal place to work with fun. Innov8 is established in Connaught Place, which I considered to be one of the most prime locations of Delhi to centre the public attention.”
Sowrabh, from Addodoc talks about Innov8
Addodoc @ Innov8
  1. Addodoc – Sowrabh
  • Practical – “I am simply the fan of the kind of energy flowing in the ambience of Innov8.
  • New Ideas – The ideas are bouncing from so many diverse minds, the networking channels, interactions with so many start-ups and knowing their experiences helps a lot, and we use it to implement in our practical lives.”
Kapil Gautam talks about how he fund his destiny @ Innov8
Gyanware @ Innov8
  1. Gyanwave – Kapil Gautam
  • Better Than Traditional Space – “Working at Innov8 has been full of contentment and thrill for me and my team. My team and I have been coworking here since so long and now we believe that we cannot leave this place as there is nothing better than Innov8.”
Rohit Sing talks about how he gets motivated when @ Innov8
Actiwork @ Innov8
  1. Actiwork – Rohit Singh 
  • Positive Energy – “The basic essence of any coworking space is the positive vibes and energy you get there.
  • Great Place – These are the driving factors for any co-working space because for any Start-up these are the most essential elements it requires to get through the hurdles of its journey.
  • Perfect Vibes – Innov8 is a great place for any start-up to start with. In fact, it falls perfect for anyone who wants to be surrounded by the people full of positive energies, zeal and passion to get along with their work.”
Paras Talk About Why Innov8 is Perfect Place To Work
Thrillophilia @ Innov8
  1. Paras Beri from Thrillophilia
  • Coolest Space – “I was looking for a place which is a mix and match of professional environment yet among the coolest places one could find.
  • Innovation – I’ve admired Innov8 for the kind of creativity and innovation it has come up for people like us. It has catered a new platform to play around with your creativity at best.
  • Foosball – One among the coolest things in Innov8 is definitely the Foosball. I appreciated the minds who thought of such stress releasing tools like nap room, golf and as mentioned Foosball.”
Dhruv, a Freelancer Tells The Reason For Being in Innov8
We welcome freelancers @ Innov8
  1. Dhruv, Freelancer
  • Great Furniture – “Innov8 perfectly fits the standards of a coworking space. The place, the furnishings, the view, the networking and the people with whom we are collaborating are the most expected and important elements of a co-working space, which I believe Innov8 perfectly stands for.”

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