How Coworking Helped Let’s Barter India Become Asia’s Biggest Barter Group


Let’s Barter India is Asia’s Biggest Barter Group Today. It Grew From Just a Facebook Group To A Whole Community, We owe most of this, if not all, to Innov8!

  • Wouldn’t Be Possible – As Let’s Barter’s cofounder, I say this as I sit in this “Office” called Innov8 Coworking. I wonder how different my life would be if I didn’t decide to be here. I think of the sequence of actions that brought me here, and all I can do is be thankful for them. The reason for putting an office in quotes is what this post is about.
  • Me and Sahil – We, me and my co-founder Sahil started our venture about 6 months back. It wasn’t something that we thought would be our primary work, it was just a Facebook group.
  • A Strong Website – But here we are today, with over a lakh members on the group, multiple successful events and a website stronger. From just a Facebook group, we have made Let’s Barter India Asia’s biggest barter group. I owe most of this, if not all, to the community of Innov8!
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Let’s Barter India @ Innov8 co-working
  • Dr Ritesh’s Guidance – Our first validation came from Dr Ritesh Malik himself, who has come to be not just our mentor but our big brother. Always available to us, he has let us pick his brain for all little things.
  • We Innovated – When we got stuck, his vision helped us get through. He might have been the reason why we decided to join Innov8, but now there are about a million reasons (and people) why we stay.
  • Members In this Together – Every event, every obstacle and every problem that we have faced till now, has been resolved super easily, by all members of the Innov8 community.
  • Refer Anything – Need social media help? We have an expert in the house. Graphics? Content? Marketing? Even if someone from the community can’t help you, we will refer someone who can.
Let’s Barter @ Innov8 co-working
  • A Community at Innov8 – Noticed how I quote the Innov8 community as ‘we’? This is the kind of love and inclusion I have felt here. I know we make the community but in more ways than one, the Innov8 community has made us!
  • Stronger and Tougher – Made us stronger, taller and tougher, yet be gentle to everyone’s needs. We have learnt the concept of Meraki at Innov8, that is to do something with soul, creativity or love when you leave a piece of yourself in your work!
  • Struggles are a Part – Everyone knows that a start-up is made of constant struggles, the initial troubles and let downs. It is a part of a new business’s life to be questioned, fall face first, get up, dust yourself and stride ahead.
  • Support At Innov8 – The effect of all these struggles was mitigated by the support we received at Innov8. Not only have we made life long friends, but we have also got such open access to mentors and influencers of the community.
  • More Than an Office – We meet investors, lead start-up founders and amazing visionaries on a day to day basis (as a result of this I can pitch Let’s Barter India in my sleep!). And that’s what Innov8 is, above and beyond just a co-working space. It is a community and not an “office”. It is my community and not just a co-working space.
Innov8 co-working space, Delhi.
  • Motivation in Quotes – Facing a day lacking motivation? Just turn around and take a look at where you are.
  • The Workspace is Lit – Every inch of Innov8 exudes motivation and the inspirational quotes keep you going. Sit on the terrace, admire the stunning view, appreciate the Indian flag waving insight and know that tomorrow will be a better day, it will be your day!

Pooja Bhayana, Co-founder, Let’s Barter India

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