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Like Silicon Valley, Delhi NCR is also fast becoming a preferred location for many startups, freelancers and independent agencies to create value for people.

It’s no surprise that for the ecosystem, we need fantastic office space to innovate and get work done. These coworking spaces offer exceptional benefits you could never get at home or in a coffee shop.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, startups and digital nomads all have extraordinary coworking spaces to choose from in Delhi.

Here are the top 10 coworking spaces that have maintained the startup spirit of the capital city.

  1. Innov8 Coworking
  • Heart Of Delhi – Situated at the heart of the city (Connaught place), Innov8 is most sought after co-working space started by Dr.Ritesh Malik’s Guerrilla Ventures  to help promote the idea of co-working and shared economy for anyone who wants to work and create work of their lives.
  • New Startups and Ventures – Innov8 believes in promoting  the value of new start-ups and community based networking creating innovative ideas. It boosts people interaction and liberty to work in the most independent
  • Great Location – First of all, Innov8 is located in the most networked location of the city.
  • Features – It features an out-of-box innovation by introducing recreational zones comprising of foosball, mini golf, nap room, cafeteria, 24*7 available free coffee, lunch room etc. Personalized cabins, meeting rooms, premium rooms, and elite rooms are the range of variety offerings by Innov8 at different price ranges.
  • Meetups and Events – It hosts regular events, workshops and meet-ups for aspiring youth. They also provide legal advisers and free meeting rooms to coworkers.


  1. Stirring minds
  • Located in central Delhi, stirring minds subjects to provide a working space to start-ups and entrepreneurs and other co-workers. It is designed in blue interiors.
  • Other than this, it encourages conducting events and offers mentorships on full time and part time basis at reasonable prices. 24*7 free Wi-Fi, movies and games, conference and meeting rooms, dedicated cabins etc. are some other facilities it offers.
stirring minds, CP, New Delhi
Stirring Minds, New Delhi
  1. 91springboard
  • 91springboard is among the oldest co-working space providers in Delhi. They have now opened branches in other locations like Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, and Bangalore as well.
  • They delivers assorted facilities like comfortable work stations, conference rooms, free or discounted events, high speed Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, projector etc.
91 springboards, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon
91 springboard (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon)
  1. Investopad
  • Investopad is an incubator cum coworking space for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. It provides a co-working space and event space.
  • Investopad helps the technology based start-ups and entrepreneurs by providing technical assistance and access to evolve in the field of technology. Investopad has multiple locations like Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore.
investopad co-working space provider
Investopad (Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore)
  1. Switch
  • Switch space provides a co-working space during the day time and in the evening, it gets converted into a bar.
  • A very different concept where morning slot is booked for breakfast joint, day to evening it’s a co-working space and after 8 pm it is a party hub with drinks and music.
  • Beautiful architecture and amazing interiors create an aura of positivity to work. This co-working spaces offers free lunch, tea and coffee.
switch is centrally located in CP.
Switch co-working space @ New Delhi
  1. Unboxed
  • Unboxed is a coworking space based in Noida. It believes in save and consume concept, meaning providing all possible facilities at lesser prices. Wi-Fi, cafeteria, projector screen printers and scanners, lounge, an adequate work spaces etc is what offers at its best is.
  • It has a recreation room with the TT table and has differently come-up with in-house gym facility.
unboxed co-working spaces
Unboxed co-working space @ Noida


  1. Sproutbox
  • A co-working space in Gurgaon can accommodate 74 persons only. It varies with its range of plans for the co-workers.
  • Based on the duration, prices are charged. A 24*7 access to the meeting rooms is given to the co-workers. It offers all time power backup, high speed internet, and conference room based on the capacity of people, roof top cafe and happy hours
sproutbox co-working space @ Gurgaon
Sproutbox @ Gurgaon


  1. AltF co-working
newly inaugurated co-working space in Delhi
AltF co-working space, Delhi
  • This co-working spaces aims at providing a delightful experience of working and quality spaces at reasonable cost so as to promote the culture of co-working in the society.
  • It is functioning towards converting all ideal spaces into co-working spaces and aggregating them under a common brand name. It is 24 hrs active co-working with provides all seating facility and space to work freely. Refreshment in the form of tea coffee is all time available at the work centre. 
  1. The studio
  • Specially aiming at the start-ups, designers and freelancers, the studio co-working provides well equipped spaces to explore the ideas and build networks.
  • Like every other work space it facilitates with conference rooms, meeting rooms, pantry area, spacious parking, stationary etc. It is surrounded by parks which can be used for relaxing.
studio co-working, New Delhi.
The Studio Co-working, Delhi


  1. Coworkdelhi
  • With the seating capacity of 60 people, the coworkdelhi claims to be the best option for any start-up to start its journey from. Off-the-wall interior designs and furniture play good enough to pull the co-workers towards the inspiration to work.
  • It has a conference hall that can be used against a rental for business occasions. Other than these, all time power supply, Wi-Fi and coffee are complementary to work spaces. Based on the duration, it is flexible with work requirements.
coworkdelhi co-working space
Coworkdelhi, Delhi

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