Digital Nomads and Their Secret Lifestyle


Digital Nomads and Their Secret Lifestyle.

“Where there’s wifi, there is a nomad”

1. What is Digital Nomadism:

Technology today decides the impact & influence on humanity. The incentives it offers outweigh any resistance that humans can put on it.

With a dynamic change in our social fabric, the nature of work is also going through a rapid transformation. Digital Nomadism can be defined as a new lifestyle where people work remotely to live an independent life. The core of this new culture: Travel and Freedom. To set own terms of working and living.

2. Who are Digital Nomads: 


The rise of digital technologies & dynamic concept of work, especially among Millennials has made remote work viable. The rise in project-based work i.e. also termed as Gig Economy helps people from diverse culture and ideologies to come under an umbrella term known as Digital Nomads.

3. Practical Advice on How You Become One:

a. Start with a short vacation: Contrary to popular belief, digital nomadism is not about being a full-time traveller who has fun all the time. It is about adopting a lifestyle similar to the people around the world, but on-the-go. It’s about creating a sustainable lifestyle where one could work remotely and still travel.

You can find out if you are inclined to work or if it was a fancy idea in your mind. At a short vacation, you can easily find out if you can handle all the good and the bad that comes with being a digital nomad. If you can adjust to living out of a suitcase, then digital nomadism is probably your thing.

b. Sorting out finances: Before moving ahead. Finding out a sustainable income source along with necessary insurances such as travel, health and life is of uttermost importance. Finding a niche that allows you to remain debt-free could be a good start. Popular ones include blogging, graphic design and drop-shipping.

c. Community and Social Groups: A recent study projects 50% of the workforce will be remote by 2020, and in the same 2018 report, 78% of remote workers currently work from home. Consistently, the biggest struggle for remote workers professionally is communicating effectively with their team and privately? Loneliness

Digital nomadism is synonymous with loneliness as most of the time, you would be travelling and working alone. The only way to combat this is to join groups, communities and summits to meet the people who are on the same journey as you are. Finding your own community is of the essence here.

4. Digital Nomadism: Things People Should Know About!

a. The World’s First Digital Nomad Visa Will Be Available in 2019: In Estonia, Skype’s birthplace is expected to roll out it’s Digital Nomad Visa in 2019 and has nomads worldwide rejoicing. While the overall visa process will remain similar, the country’s new Digital Nomad Visa allows individuals to reside and work remotely in Estonia long-term.

Estonia is expected to issue a total of 1,400 Digital Nomad Visas. This Visa would allow travellers to work without the hassles of a work visa. However, the final terms and conditions will only be revealed when the Digital Nomad Visa is dispatched.

Digital Nomads are expected to flock to cities like Tallinn and Tartu which may give the country a welcome economic boost.

b. Thailand has already launched a 4-Year SMart Visa in February 2019: With major nomadic destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand has already started issuing a 4-year Smart Visa aimed at the growing number of Digital Nomads in the country. However, a minimum income of at least 2,00,000 baht per month. (approx. 4.5 Lakhs) is required to apply for the SMart Visa.

Visa Benefits include:

  1. This Visa allows to longer than the average tourist visa i.e. longer than 3 months
  2. This Visa can be obtained through an online application at the Thai
  3. This Visa could be extended to family members.
  4. This Visa would remove the requirement to report to authorities every 90 days and would replace with one visit per year.

4. Nomadic Trips & Summit to Join

a. Annual – Nomad Summit | 11-14 October 2019, Cancun, Mexico


One of the most popular annual Digital Nomad Summit which houses hundreds of digital nomads from around the globe. Popular artists, digital nomads and various inspiring speakers share their knowledge and expertise in the summit. It’s a great place for digital nomads to network and meet fellow professionals.

b. Remote Working Summit | 5-6 March 2019, Dallas, USA

With over 150 leaders from different industries, The Remote Working Summit is one of the best summits to hear about Digital Nomadism – its challenges and the future of work. Speakers include Fortune 1000 companies panellists.

c. Virtual Working Summit | October 2019, Online

Well as the name suggests, Virtual Working Summit is a virtual networking summit for digital nomads to attend. Most importantly, it’s virtual and free. One would get to hear interviews from inspiring leaders and also connect with fellow participants. The event welcomes everyone who works with clients remotely, teleworkers, or people who manage projects or teams across several countries

5. Organised Trips for Digital Nomads


a. Remote Year: Remote Year is one of the most popular organised digital nomad programs. Around 100 freelancers from around the world travel to different cities each month for a year. If a year is long for you, they offer a tour for 4 months as well.

Benefits – Inclusive of 24/7 internet, transport between the countries, and community events.

Total Cost - $27,000

b. Co-Work Paradise: This organised Digital Nomad Trip starts in Bali where 12 professionals and entrepreneurs live together in a villa for one month. During their stay, they attend community events, workshops and connect with other successful entrepreneurs.

Benefits – The cost is inclusive of 4 weeks accommodation that includes a private room, 24/7 coworking space, breakfast and dinner, and some cool trips.

Total Cost - $3,080

c. B-Digital Nomad: Another organise Digital Nomad Trip that takes you to a new country every month. On top of that, you get to participate in initiatives & social events with the local people.

Benefits – Options for 1, 4 or 12 months packages and provide all standard facilities that include accommodation and food.

Cost: Starts at $1050

6. Famous Digital Nomads To Check Out

  1. Two Wandering Souls
  2. The Broke Backpacker - Will Hatton
  3. Be My Travel Muse - Kristin Addis
  4. Adventure in You
  5. Megan Starr
  6. Nohadasaauras
  7. Mapping Megan
  8. Travel Lemming
  9. Dont' Forget To Move
  10. Our Escape Clause

7. Challenges for Digital Nomads

a. Reliable High-Speed Internet: Well, digital nomadism is all about working through your laptop. So, if you cannot get hold of reliable high-speed broadband or mobile internet, then it could certainly thwart your dreams of making money online. Hence, if you plan to move from cities to cities or even countries to countries, you should figure out a way to get high-speed internet on demand.

b. Cost-effective: Unless and until, you already have a well-established online business i.e. say, a blog with a million hits, a design website which rakes in good money or even a full-time job for a startup; money is going to be an issue. If you want to just pack bags, travel and move, you have to figure out how to travel, stay and eat economically. With an ever-changing online space, any online could collapse overnight, nothing is certain. Hence, you have to devise a strategy that works for you.

Solution: If we talk about India, it lags behind in general internet connectivity, with an average download speed of 6 Mbps. While that sounds decent, data limits and patchy coverage can ruin your plans to visit exotic places.

However, both globally and in India, the growing number of coworking spaces can come in handy. You can always choose a one-day pass, work and move to your next destination. So, next you move to work remotely, you can consider coworking spaces or even cosy cafes if that’s your thing.

8. World’s Best Cities to be a Digital Nomad In India (Based on Visa Rules, Cost of living Etc.) – By NomadList

What is Nomadlist: Nomad List is a database of 2,113+ cities in the world analyzing 1,716,568+ data points every second to help you choose where to go next — and when you arrive, it connects you to 100,000+ 🌍 nomads there.


9. Best Places For Digital Nomads in India:

Resources for Digital Nomads:

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