Great Events & Solid Community Are Crucial For Coworking!

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Events in a coworking office in India is more than just greet and meet. It’s a crucial exercise to make coworking a success.

  • It is no doubt that coworking has gained a crucial importance within the startup and freelancing ecosystem globally. We saw a gap here. At Innov8, we do not provide office spaces alone, that’s just 10% of our value.
  • We provide an ambience for community engagement, collaboration & productivity to help you create the work of your life.
Innov8 promotes community building and collaboration of like-minded people
community Building @ Innov8 co-working
  • Co-working spaces are the ultimate terminals to showcase events and community building.
  • Many start-ups working at co-working spaces use this platform to conduct events to intensify the cross interaction, awareness and networking across communities.
  • In fact, a good co-working event can create connections and fresh ideas. Events act as an assembly area for all the fresh and innovative thoughts and ideas that come from diverse minds and community across the horizons.

Sharing economy

  • Sharing economy is the future of the world. Mind-set of people is changing, they don’t want to own assets, and share assets instead. It makes models like Innov8 a big value add.
  • The growth potential is humongous. India will be the leader in terms of a number when it comes to entrepreneurship & freelancer populations, & that makes Innov8 even more valuable.
  • Such an economy supports and encourages its co-workers to work together as a community and participate in different events. The profitability of building community is not restricted to a particular company. It is a shared profit.
people from across horizons share ideas and build relationships at Innov8 co-working
Sharing ecosystem @ Innov8 co-working

Community and culture

  • Co-working spaces look different, feel different, and are home to a variety of start-ups and professionals making up widely different communities. One thing common in all co-working spaces is that they provide space to work but what differentiates them is the communities.
  • It is very convenient to predict the purpose and dominance of co-working space, which is community and culture building. We understand the advantage of the community in work culture.
  • Building communities mean like-minded people from different boundaries with different ideas and innovations come together to mutually collaborate and share their business skills towards the betterment of each other.
  • Advertising, promotion, location etc. could drive people and attract them towards a co-working space, but the retention of co-workers to that space depends upon the quality of community building there.
Innov8 promotes start-ups, events, meet-ups and expand business networks
Events and meet-ups @ Innov8 co-working
  • In a Global co-working survey, 96% people accepted the community as the most fundamental thing they expected from a co-working space. Price and location of the space occupy the second position in the decision making criteria. For a simple reason, they get to expand their networking channels beyond the lines.



  • When it comes to events, almost all the co-working spaces promote the start-ups to conduct events. Many co-working spaces are providing this service for free.
  • They understand the agenda of organising events and thereby know that events are an integral part of co-working. Without events, it seems difficult to lay down channels and communities as well, which is again an integral part of co-working as well as for any firm.
  • These events are organised with the sole purpose of collaborating with people from a different organisation to share ideas for a common goal. It is the aggregating platform for all the innovative minds and ideas to work in the direction of development.
  • People come, speak, listen, share and get involved. This is what co-working all about.
We encourage women entrepreneurs and women empowerment @ Innov8 co-working space
Women empowerment @ Innov8 co-working, Delhi.
  • At Innov8, we encourage our co-workers and others professional as to conduct events that not only spread the agenda of the call but help in building networks, building collaborative communities and never-ending business relationships with the clients.
  • Moreover, almost all the events held at innov8 are free of cost and ensure maximum indulgence. The crowd here is vigorous and keen for new events. Our motive is to help our co-workers in all possible ways and help them build their business ideas the way they want.

Community Forum and upcoming events

  • Innov8’s app which is available on both IOS and Android has a special feature of community forum where you can anytime chat or talk to any co-worker and further extend your working conversations. The app layouts the entire website of Innov8 co-working which can be easily viewed on the mobile phones.
  • Adding to this, Innov8 organise regular community meet-ups weekly or monthly as per the convenience of the co-workers. The app also lists all the previous and upcoming events with their respective details.

Helping people ideate and coordinate is the differentiating factor in such shared spaces. You’ve got a problem, we’ve got the solution.

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