Printing & Housekeeping Facilities At Innov8!


Facilities At A Coworking Space!

Finding a great working space with great amenities and facilities in prime central locations can be a tough task for a lot of people. Facilities at a coworking space are at times the differentiating factor between a good and a great workspace.

From access to uninterrupted high-grade broadband to storage access in coworking space, it’s all about a friendly working environment and good facilities at a coworking space!

A. Printing Credits


i) Printing Credits For Our Members: Along with access to all other amenities and facilities at Innov8, you get free complimentary printing credits as soon as you join Innov8 as a member.

ii) Fast, Easy & Smooth Process: Any last-minute important business documents or xerox copies will now never be an issue if you work out of Innov8 Coworking.

Printing important business documents for your client or your organisation becomes a fast, easy and a smooth process at Innov8.

iii) Top Of The Line Machines: With printers from renowned global brands such as Epson and Nikon, you get great print management facilities and high print volume at Innov8. Such a facility right in your workspace ensures that you get quality printouts without any hassles. 

B. Friendly Housekeeping

i) 24*7 Availability – Our housekeeping staff is always present at our centres in case of any emergencies. They are always ready to accommodate any requests from our clients.

ii) Fully Equipped – Our housekeeping staff is fully equipped with all the required equipment. From accidental spills at your work-desk to a clean working space, our housekeeping staff makes sure that you have a sterile and safe environment to work from.


iii) Professional Attire – Clean & professional attire of our housekeeping staff helps you to easily identify and reach out for help. It also maintains decorum in our centres.

Choosing to work from a coworking space helps you save a lot of money and gives you access to a lot of important amenities such as maintenance, housekeeping, printing, storage and most of all – a modern vibrant working environment.

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