How To Find The Right Coworking Space?


How To Find The Right Coworking Space?

With the concept of providing best work environmental set-up, the ecosystem is booming with coworking space designed to offer start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business with professional work amenities and ambience of community spirit. But how can you find the right coworking space that will fit your unique needs?

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Innov8 Coworking

Pondering over the advantages of co-working, there is a list of things you can find in different co-working spaces around- community building, networking, events/ meet-ups, innovative workplace, motivating ambience, culture, and platform to learn. Keeping this in mind, we pen down some important factors to keep in mind while picking the right coworking space in your city.

Thus, let’s look out what things to prioritize at the time of choosing a co-working space:

A. Location, Location, Location.

Websites and pictures might project an amazing picture of any space as best. But in the end, it’s about convenience. Selecting the central location is the aptest decision for any prospects. Is it easy to commute? Does it accommodate parking? Is it easy to find? All these questions would be answerable if you make a personal visit to each workspace and spend at least a day to understand the location and space.

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Innov8 Coworking Delhi

B. Community

Undeniably community is one of the most attracting factors when we choose any co-working space. The community should sync your needs and personality. To foster networking among co-workers, many co-working companies organise events, community meet-ups, business mentorships etc. This serves to be a catalyst for any co-working space’s popularity.

Innov8 Cowoorking
Innov8 Coworking Community

3. Amenities and infrastructure

Sitting at your place you might get caught with n number of things, which are expected at any co-working space.

Some amazing co-working centres like Innov8 excels in taking care of all such needs like

  • 24 hours of electricity and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Admin facilities, Virtual office addresses
  • All-time access to tea and coffee, vending machine.
  • Accessibility to meeting rooms and entire space as required.
  • Start-up library, start-up cafeteria, lunchroom, naps room.
  • Foosball, mini-golf, entertainment at the lounge area.
  • Bookings and Community connect through the mobile app.
Innov8 coworking
Best amenities- Innov8 coworking

Now talking about the infrastructure, it should be such which magnetizes the visitors. The place should be judiciously designed keeping in mind keen co-workers and their work style. Design is an integral part of a perfect coworking space. The infrastructural design should be such that it facilitates both Collaboration and quiet zone.

4. The ambience, design makes it all

All we need to start a day is motivation and positivity to carry it. Co-working spaces lay a special emphasis on the kind of ambience they provide; after all, it’s the target of co-workers. The ambience should be eco-friendly, motivating and subtle. Space should be designed that motivates its co-worker and inspires to face the world. A flow of positive vibe, thriving events and social networks can spice it up with from coworking community.

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Design Innov8 coworking


While choosing a co-working space, look for a place which offers benefits and promotion to your business and team. Flexibility and transparency in deals and packages can maintain trust factor. Also checking the future expansion of your team size plays an important factor. Maximum return of value against your time and money invested should be the common goal.

One tip above all tips, try before you invest. You never know, you might not get what you see. Sometimes, just a glance over a place falls short to take the real decision.

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