Flipkart’s Reshuffle: Why Change is Messy at First?


Why Flipkart Did What It Did?


1. What’s The Hue and Cry – Hue and cry about Flipkart’s top-level management shuffle! It’s simple. Flipkart is a Startup, and that too India’s most famous one. That doesn’t mean they can’t fail or have their own challenges.

2. Trial And Error at Paytm, Snapdeal and Flipkart – Like any other behemoth Startup, they’re having multiple problems and tough competitions to face in the Indian ecosystem! We’ve seen them try and err with various strategies. Some worked well for them, some didn’t.

3. Kalyan Krishnamurthy’s Appointment- Even the new decision of making Kalyan Krishnamurthy the CEO is a hit and try decision. It may work it may not. But the crux is that they’ve to try out new things and sustain the drive towards innovation.


4. Innovation at Flipkart – We believe that the essence of a startup and an entrepreneurial mindset is to focus at overall growth focusing on product and customer satisfaction.

5. Challenging Year at the Company  – Increased competition from Amazon in the year 2016 was a challenge for the company that had to be resolved quickly. The host of other includes aggressive growth of competition such as Paytm. Also, the rebranding of Snapdeal was also an issue. Add slow revenue growth to it and its an issue.

6. The emergence of New Competition in Form of Paytm and Alibaba Group – Emergence of the mammoth Alibaba which is entering India this year in collaboration with Paytm is another hurdle that Flipkart may have to cope with.


7. Word From The Wise – “Tomorrow you never know maybe Sachin has to step back in the shoes of CEO, or Binny. Who knows? As long as they’re trying different things to sustain the competitive advantage. It’s good!” – Dr Ritesh Malik. [Forbes Under 30 Asia]

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