Going Back To Work? Follow These Steps To Ensure Personal Safety During The Pandemic.


Going back to work doesn’t seem so bad after being locked-in for nearly 2 months. Except, rising cases of COVID-19 have clouded all the joy.

Leaving the safety of your home is a tough choice when the pandemic is still at large. On the bright side, most companies are asking employees to continue working from home so you can expect less traffic and find your office relatively empty.

While your workplace is taking precautionary measures for your safety, make sure you are doing the other 50% of the job by adhering to the rules. Look out for yourself and others by incorporating a few changes to your office routine.

After all, it takes a lot of teamwork to keep COVID-19 away from the workplace.

Don’t leave home without your COVID-19 safety gears

Face it, your usual dressing routine will no longer be the same.

-Masks and gloves are the new additions to your wardrobe that must be worn at all times. 

-For added protection, you can put a handkerchief over your nose and mouth and cover it with a mask.  

-If you wear contact lenses, switch to glasses to avoid touching your eyes throughout the day.

-Make sure your daily wear has a pocket for a hand sanitiser.

-Try to wear covered clothes to protect your skin from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

-Tie your hair to avoid touching it.

-Always pack your own cutleries and mugs and avoid using office utensils.

Travelling to work

It’s not as scary as it sounds if you maintain social distance and take all the necessary precautions.

-Make sure you have downloaded the Aarogya Setu app and take the health survey regularly. 

-The safest way to reach work is to drive your own vehicle. Ensure that you sanitise your driving wheel and door latch regularly.

-If driving is not an option, you can opt for a personal cab. Uber and Ola are operating again with upgraded safety measures. 

-Avoid crowded public transports like buses and carpools. If you are using the metro, stick to the 6ft rule and avoid frequent touchpoints.

-To minimise transmission, switch to e-payments for using public transport.

-Push doors open with your shoulder and use the sanitiser after touching door latches or railings.

Safety at work

In a COVID-19 world, everyone is a suspect. Please make sure you are aware of all the COVID-19 rules at your workplace and keep track of daily updates. If you feel that your safety is endangered due to violation of social distancing rules or lack of safety measures, inform the administration.

-Keep your mask on at all times.

-Do not touch your face or hair.

-Always maintain a social distance of 6ft. Avoid handshakes, hugs and stick to the good old namaste.

-Cough or sneeze into your shoulder. Don’t cover your face.

-Use the stairs. If you must use the lift, maintain social distance and keep a toothpick handy to push the buttons. Discard after use.

-Avoid sitting in cramped spaces with other people like meeting rooms. Stay in an open area and set up your workstation while maintaining social distance.

-If you must use the office utilities like the printer or coffee machine, make sure you sanitise your hands before and after use

-Wash your hands frequently especially after touching frequent touchpoints like door handles and railings. 

-Sanitise or wash your hands before and after using the restroom.

-Avoid crowded areas like the cafeteria and try having lunch at your workstation.

-If a co-worker is not feeling well, ask him/her to go home and inform the administration.

Post-work protocol

While it is crucial to follow stay measures at work, it is equally important to eliminate any risk of transmission when you return home.

-Trying to leave the office early to avoid rush hour in public transport or lifts.

-Take off your shoes outside your home and dispose your gloves. 

-Wash your hands and arms thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds. Take off your mask and wash your face too.

-Change your clothes before entering your room and put your used garments in a laundry basket.

-Put your mask away in a separate place. If it’s made of cloth, wash it. Dispose your mask if it’s soiled.

-If you work in a high-risk environment or you think you may have come in contact with a COVID-19 suspect, take a bath after reaching home

If you are not feeling well, STAY HOME. Even if you are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, it is best to stay home for ensuring your safety and that of your co-workers.

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