How Co-working Can Help You Strike The Perfect Work-Life Balance?

After putting up with 11 hours of screen-time, you finally grab a chilled bottle of water and put on your slippers. You wrap your mask around, sanitise your hands and manage to take a deep muffled breath as the evening air cools your head. You hear a Whatsapp tone and ignore it. It is followed by a missed call from the hyper colleague you have been avoiding all day.

“Where are you? We have been on the call since half-an-hour! Hurry!” 

You check the time, it’s almost 9 PM. Then you remember the Google invite you skipped the other day.

Another day at work from home. Except, ‘home’ lost the battle today. 

In the daily battle between work and home spanning over the past few months, only one of either wins or loses. While the best of us hated slogging to the office every day, working from home has not been any kinder. 

Work-life boundaries have diminished with very few companies respecting the DND post 7 PM rule. While companies race to make up for losses incurred during the lockdown, employees are bearing the brunt of longer working hours.

The need for 9 to 5

When everyone walks into work on time, everyone leaves on time.

This simple equation can’t be played out when people log into work late and take up assignments post 4 PM. The pandemic’s ripple has affected every aspect of the household and made work from home a challenge. 

Being a patient tutor to restless children and the psychological toll of trying to make ends meet when your spouse is furloughed can be tough. Being confined inside all day long with only domestic chores to take your mind off work can be detrimental for your mental and physical well-being in the long run.

While giving paramount importance to safety, we should also consider shifting our work desk away from the domestic sphere every now and then to re-energise our spirit. 

Apart from shaping our professional life, the 9 to 5 routine goes a long way in shaping our daily habits which in turn ensures our well-being. Waking up early, getting ready, having breakfast and getting to work is a four-fold exercise that ensures a healthy start to a day. 

Skipping any of these steps can put you off-track and before you know it, you are living in your pyjamas. 

Sounds familiar?

The dynamic culture of Coworking

If work is too hectic and taking breaks is a challenge, it is important to set boundaries by religiously sticking to 9 to 5. 

One of the things you will notice while walking into a coworking space is new faces. Followed by a chatter here, some known faces there and an entire community of people working on a hundred different things, together. All the motivation you need to chase your goals.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee, flying through meetings and finally, grabbing a quick sandwich or two and working silently on your desk without interruptions. A day like this makes every job worth it. 

Taking meeting rooms out of Zoom calls makes room for clearer conversations and more chances of meeting goals instead of losing them on M.O.M mail trails. 

Scrolling through your phone and staring endlessly at the laptop screen not only drains your energy but also robs your enthusiasm towards work. This eventually affects your performance and takes a toll on your mental health. Especially when you are surrounded by news around the pandemic with no respite.

Overcoming the pandemic with a community

Nothing tells you that you are not alone better than a community of like-minded individuals.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, it is important to stay in touch with others like you so you can stay true to your goal. Every business has been hit hard by the pandemic and the solution needs to be a collective effort. 

Coworking gives multiple individuals and organisations to come together under one roof to find a collective solution to the business. Continuous networking and collaboration help you perform to your maximum potential instead of bottling up your ideas silently at home. 

With your team members in a room facing each other, voices get heard and targets seem more achievable. Even from a safe social distance.

When you have people and companies working round the clock together, you get the much-needed motivation to not only achieve your targets but also stay true to your goals. After all, there is no substitute to the competitive spirit of a workplace which kindles your creative spirit every day and helps you grow as a professional.

Creating connections for innovation

While collaborating over Google slides and multiple Zoom calls can make ideas work initially, the process gradually hits a roadblock. 

The world around us is changing and impacting each of us in different ways and constant confinement is depriving us of the experiences we often used to consider a part of daily routine. Bouncing ideas off each other and the constant exchange of experiences make way for healthy, creative collaborations.

The loss of human contact gradually sets you far apart from reality and leaves you stuck in limbo. Creative work can suffer especially when there is a gap between the brief, feedback and execution that is happening over Slack and mails. 

Limiting interactions to only certain people limit your potential and affects the quality of your work. A coworking space gives you space to reach out to people from a diverse background and initiate productive conversations that enrich your experiences and broaden your perspective.

Striking the perfect balance

Work, life and otherwise. The fulfilment of all three makes way for harmony and a happier you. 

With after 8 plans off-limits during the pandemic, the goal is to come back home with renewed spirits and enjoy a good night’s sleep which is rare after spending the entire day at home.

It is important to create clear boundaries around work for life to thrive and vice-versa. Coming into a space dedicated to work every day helps you make a clear distinction and make a conscious effort to keep the two separate and encourage others to do the same. When the boundary diminishes, both work and life bear the brunt and naturally, bad habits die hard.

With restrictions lifting every day, life is on its way back to normal. Keeping safety in mind, it’s best to take one step at a time back to the office. 

Whenever you return, we are safe, sanitised and ready to make your life a whole lot exciting and fun at OYO Workspaces.

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