How OYO Workspaces is ensuring safety across all centres during COVID-19

India Inc is gradually gearing up to come back to work in corporate offices across orange and green zones. This is good news for some of our Powerstation, Innov8 and Workflo members who can’t wait to make every moment work again. 

We understand that working can be difficult when you are paranoid about every person walking by and wary of every surface you touch. Which is why we have weighed upon every possible transmission route and identified the following precautionary measures for your safety.

We will be deep cleaning and sanitising every area and enforcing social distancing measures across our campuses. However, we will need your 100% cooperation to stop the spread.  Without a vaccine or a prescribed cure in place, we can fight the pandemic only if everyone does their bit. 

The business may not be as usual from a distance of 6-feet but we can get back to our daily office routine by adhering to these safety rules.

We don’t miss a spot

As you may know, COVID-19 is extremely contagious and spreads through droplets of an infected person. Health experts warn there are many COVID-19 cases where people are asymptomatic or yet to exhibit any symptoms. To stop the spread, we will be disinfecting all surfaces, especially frequent touchpoints and strictly adhering to WHO and the government’s safety guidelines.

– Our campuses are being treated with M.A.D. (Microbial Aerial Disinfection) – a trusted cleaning treatment to control pandemic outbreaks.

-High usage surfaces like door handles, entry gate, pantry area etc. are sanitised frequently to maintain safety and hygiene.

-Every member has received holistic training for following precautionary and safety measures.

-Our staff is checked during entry and is mandated to wear gloves and masks at all times. We are also conducting temperature checks for all members at the entry gate and ensuring social distancing protocols are followed across the Center.

-We have designated PPE (masks/gloves/head caps etc) disposal dustbins in the campus.

Mind the gap!

Apart from our sanitisation efforts, we seek your cooperation in adhering to social distancing norms. To ensure this, we have put up visual communications like posters, caution tape checkers, floor markings, etc everywhere to guide you through. Moreover, our team will be putting in additional efforts to enforce the ground rules for everyone’s safety.  

-Make ‘namaste’ the norm. Eliminate human contact and maintain a distance of at least 6 meters during your in-person communication.

-Not more than 2/4 people (depending on the lift size) will be allowed to travel lifts.

-Use of the staircase is firmly advised with minimal use of railing.

-Avoid touching common appliances. Only one person can use the printing zone at a time.

-Hand sanitizers are kept at all key areas of the campus.

-Hand’s off! Avoid touching your nose, mouth, hair and skin with bare hands while at work.

Teamwork does half the work

Your cooperation is central to all our efforts.

These safety steps are teamwork efforts which every OYO Workspace member needs to put into practice. Doing so, we request you to encourage your coworkers as well to follow these protocols so that business can go back to the good old days in a COVID-19 free world.

-Don’t be a nobody. Carry your ID card at all times.

-‘Mask’ yourself! It is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask inside the campus at all times.

-Companies must share a self-declaration that employees staying in containment zones/hotspots are not travelling to the office.

-Ensure that you are using the Aarogya Setu app. (Available on Android & iOS)

-Help us maintain real-time reporting of co-workers with flu-like symptoms for your safety.

-Guests can wait. No external visitors on campus shall be allowed till further notice; for exceptions, reach out to the Center manager.

-When in doubt, go home. Anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms shall be politely asked to leave and can only join back after producing a medical/fitness certificate.

-Please divert personal packages to your home address. Restrict courier requirements unless they are important office-related couriers. 

-BYOM! Bring Your Own Mug to avoid sharing.

-Always keep your handkerchief and personal-use pack of sanitizer bottle with you.

Emergency protocols 

In case of an unlikely event of COVID-19 related incident, we are fully-equipped and ready to act on emergencies. 

– An OYO Workspaces ‘Task Force’ is in place alongside the respective Center Manager of the campus.

-State-wise and central helpline numbers for COVID-19 are available at the reception for reference.

You are advised to divide your workforce equally between office & work from home to adhere to our safety protocols. Please contact your Center Manager in exceptional scenarios where full strength may be required.

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