How Will Coworking Help Build Sustainable Businesses During COVID-19?

When uncertainty reigns supreme, flexibility is the key to sustenance. 

– Mother Nature

Following Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s message for his employees to work from home “forever”, companies are gradually warming up to the idea of extending their work from home policy. Employees who are making their way to work comprises around 33% of the total workforce while the rest are stationed at home. 

While the economy braces to face the worst time yet, the demand for privately owned office spaces will soon decline as more and more companies are rushing to cut costs. Minimal headcount at work is the new normal that companies are trying to grapple with while bustling office hubs have turned into ghost towns.

Clearly, the COVID-19 world has challenged the traditional concept of ‘office’ head-on. 

“The post-lockdown era would come with new opportunities for coworking space demand,” says Samir Desai, Business Head-OYO Workspaces. He explains that till now, the lion share was with entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and SMEs but the new trend that we predict is going to be an incredibly healthy mix, with some of the old categories returning over a period of time as things start to stabilize. “The new surge of demand will come from larger corporations, who are looking at their business sustainability,”  says Samir Desai.Before the balance sheets go awry, make a future-forward move into the world of coworking.

Cut down capital costs

When will you witness all those vacant seats fill up again in your office? No one knows for sure. 

Given the circumstances, you would want to think twice before paying hefty office rent for vacant spaces. 

“What we see and hear in the industry real estate/establishment cost CAPEX & OPEX form the largest investment and recurring cost to any business. More and more corporates are and will continue to want to forgo the same. Cutting on overheads and at the same time, maintaining a workforce that works with sustainable efficiencies.” says Samir Desai.

Coworking helps you optimise costs with flexible workspaces that address your business needs. Instead of piling up additional costs like running a cafeteria, you save more with a shared office cafeteria, washroom, technical equipment along with access to an array of value-added services.

Additionally, OYO Workspaces gives you the space and flexibility to expand your business anytime without burning a hole in your pocket.

Managed Office solutions: OYO Workspaces’ managed office solutions can provide you with your private and managed office either in an existing centre or even in a new address – micro-market/building of your choice. With your own managed office, you can convert your CAPEX to OPEX while outsourcing the task of running your office to a specialist and get optimised cost benefits and premium services in return.Distributed Office: It would be prudent to break up your large HeadQuarter into multiple smaller offices, thus distributing the risk of having a large employee pool in one office and infection-related stop-work. This will turn out to be a built-in business continuity plan. Your employees can also opt for an office option closer to their homes. With OYO WorkSpaces having multiple centre across all its cities of presence, it provides you the opportunity to utilise the network for in-city and across-city workspace planning

Be a part of a thriving community 

Worried about missing out on collaborations with like-minded individuals? Coworking is a great option for freelancers and small/medium enterprises seeking to be a part of a fun community and exchange ideas in a happening, collaborative space.

Let’s face it, work from home tends to alienate you from the centre of all the action and get you rolled up in a comfortable cocoon. 

Missing the chance to meet your client face-to-face hampers prospective business opportunities which is a huge risk given the state of the economy. Less face-time also lowers team morale and affects mental health. With your own dedicated space, you can call your team together and meet clients anytime at your swanky office that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

We also conduct fun activities every week to get your creative juices flowing and encourage you to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Flexibility is our motto

Being a part of a coworking community lets you switch between your ‘home office’ and ‘office’ at your own pace. With lock-ins as low as 3 months, you can switch between the two seamlessly without any long-term commitment.

By finding a coworking space for your business during COVID-19, you have the double benefit of a flexible workspace you can access anytime and you can invest in your business instead of losing money on inflated rents. 

Work from home might be around for a while but an office address will help you get back on track in the post-COVID-19 world. By keeping up your business momentum, you will have an upper hand post the lockdown blip when the economy makes its way up again.

OYO Workspaces offers flexible workspace solutions for individuals and teams. You can choose a monthly/quarterly plan based on your business needs and work peacefully even during COVID-19.


If you have planned for WFH for your team for the near future, face-time with the team is a challenge and Zoom calls do not reduce all the distance. OYO Workspaces provide easy access to it’s meeting rooms and conference rooms for your deliberations that can run a couple of hours, few days or say your Monday Morning Meetings or Friday Meetups! Go meet up, keep your employees happier!

More space for safety

Social distancing is a lifesaver, especially in closed spaces. 

Coworking offices like OYO Workspaces are set across sprawling spaces and find it easier to follow all social distancing protocols. Especially the 6-ft rule. 

Breaking past the conventional ‘cubicle theory’, coworking allows you to choose your own comfortable workspace that matches your aesthete. Also, spacing out your team helps ease the load at a minimal cost and ensure their safety.

Also with uncompromised deep cleaning & sanitisation and frequent cleanings throughout the day for the high-traffic areas, you and your employees are safe! Meeting rooms are cleaned post every meeting to ensure a cleaner environment for the next set of users.

You can still fulfil your office dreams!

If the lockdown has clipped your wings and your ideas are unable to fly at home, you can get your business back on track with your own office space. 

OYO Workspaces offer private cabins for teams and dedicated desks for individuals at the best price so nothing comes between you and your business goals. If you are hesitant about long-term plans for your business, you can always go back to the drawing board without worrying about lock-ins and hefty security deposits.

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