Human Library – Innov8 Hosts The First Delhi Event At Connaught Place!


Would You Borrow A Human!

New Delhi is coming alive. It is witnessing the first-ever human library in the city this month.

And it was more fulfilling, an eye-opener and an amazing experience. These were the words of a person who had just borrowed a refugee to study. Yes, study!

Well, a human library is a place where you reach out to people, their stories, their life lessons and everything in between. It’s an amalgamation of experiences.

India has also taken to this amazing concept with amazing optimism and curiosity. In a first, Innov8 CP is hosting the first-ever human library event in the city on this coming Saturday – 18th June 2017.

Human Library Innov8 Coworking on 18th June, 2-7 PM


i) Location & Timings:  The long-awaited event will be held at Innov8 Co-working space in Connaught Place between 2-7 PM. One will get to choose from 11 Human Books, curated by the organisers.

ii) Each Interaction: Each interaction will last about 30 minutes. One would meet people from different spheres of life, different age groups and different cultures.

iii) Amazing Human Books: Human books would range from cancer survivors to the average common man. A whopping 500 people are already expected at the event.

1. Origin


i) European City Of Copenhagen

The concept of human libraries originated in the European city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ronnie Abergel, a human rights advocator started it to break the cliches surrounding marginalised community through interaction.

ii) 80 Countries and Counting

From there, it has quickly spread out to over 80 countries, the latest one being India. The concept allows people to actually have a conversation with a person. It is more enriching than reading a book because one can actually converse and get back answers.

2. Maiden Event – New Delhi


i) The First Event In Delhi: New Delhi will be the fourth city after Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Indore to host such an event. The first-ever Indian event was held in IIM Indore in the year 2016.

ii) Breaking Stereotypes: Born out of the movement called ‘Stop the Violence’, the concept helps end the injustice towards the underprivileged and create a possible framework for the individuals.

3. Coverage

We hope to you around for this event that is taking place right in the heart of the city. 

Major Media Outlets have extensively covered the event. Click on the icons for more info.

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