An Unusual Journey – Community Building & Scaling A Mountain!


Constant Effort, Dedication and Resilience.

Are you willing to live your life? Can you be the one to experience it at the moment?

Well, there is an unusual similarity between building a solid community and scaling a tough mountain. Both require constant effort, dedication and resilience.

Innov8, Vidhi & A Driven Community!


She always loved open and green spaces while growing up. Right from her school days at Sahyadri School, Maharashtra, Vidhi was always the kind who made things happen. Her intensive journalistic course in London was the aggregator that she needed to take risks in life.

Her journey scales from the trekking in the Himalayas to becoming a vibrant community manager at Innov8, Koramangala. Her story covers various cities and two countries. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Learning About The Natural World


Managing a driven community at a coworking space like Innov8 is very important. Gathering professional community builders, creating a harmonious environment, sharing insights and then scaling a company requires constant dedication and effort.

While pursuing journalistic fieldwork in Europe, especially London, she learnt a lot more about the natural world. Her experiences helped her build community at Innov8 and trek through one of the most strenuous mountain stretches in India.

It takes a lot to move past conversations and actually starts creating trust and comfort with others.

Pursuits of Adventure


After joining Innov8 as a community manager and shifting to Bangalore. Vidhi was never really satisfied with her non-exciting weekends. However, It wasn’t long before she became obsessed with trekking — a hobby that she just couldn’t brush off.

“In The Moment, For The Moment” – Vidhi Kapoor

What did the mountains teach you? – “When you sit in the small tent surrounded by only by miles and miles of nothingness, you slowly find out that silence makes the biggest noise in our hearts! You face yourself for the first time in your life and that is a liberating experience”.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far – “Take risks! Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone and explore the world.”

A. 16 Thousand Feet and Adaptability!


Challenges, Judgements and Adaptability

One of the main points she makes in her passionate narrative was how creating a great community and how a trekking experience can invoke the same emotions.

“Trekking to the summit, finding willpower, camping, planning, listening to stories late at night, sharing experiences around a campfire is just magical” Vidhi exclaims.

Nurturing Connections – She further mentions that late in the day when there is literally nothing between you and the mountains, you cultivate friendships and make connections that are genuine and strong in those moments of pure clarity!

Compelling Community – Creating new relationships and adapting to new stimuli in the wilderness of the mountains is quite similar to creating a compelling community. Coupled with guiding your peers, you adapt according to the situation at crucial moments.

Adapting to the needs of the community is what businesses alive and kicking.

B. Like Stok Kangri – It’s An Uphill Climb!


It’s not easy – Period!

Trekking, hiking, and camping may sound like easy adventures but it takes proper planning and practice to execute these tasks. The same goes for upscaling and building a solid community. You train, build the strength every day in order to create some substantial!

Planning & Preparation –  Building a vibrant community is all about endurance. It’s all about being prepared in every possible way. You need to train yourself every day to build pure strength that is needed in order to move ahead!

It’s all about reaching that summit no matter if it’s an uphill climb! Despite the uphill climb, some amazing spectacular mountains and hiking venues make the pain worthwhile!

C. Acclimatizing To An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem!


Creating Opportunities – You fail, you learn and then you fail another 100 times before you find a way! Well, we all encounter a different kind of challenges in our lives but succeeding is all about acclimatising, adjusting and creating opportunities that weren’t there before.

Failing, Learning and Acclimatizing – Acclimatizing is extremely important while trekking at 12,000ft. A similar logic applies to businesses that sometimes faces hard times. It’s all about acclimating at the basecamp in order to reach the summit. You will face headaches or shortness of breath but its all about acclimatisation yourself to your surroundings.

The best way to acclimatize is to go to a failing early and failing a lot before finally finding that golden ratio of success. It makes us more aware of our surroundings and our goals in the long run!

D. Being Persistent Enough!


Isn’t life just like a long trekking trail? Being persistent is very important both while trekking and while creating a community-driven business.

“She persisted enough to climb to the summit even after failing two times. Isn’t persistence all about that!”

Persistence – Vidhi remember how she persisted enough to reach the summit after giving up two times at the shoulder of the mountain. She learnt that no matter how tired, demotivated and hurt you maybe be, just jolting down one foot after another is what persistence is all about.

Creating a  highly inclusive community is just like trekking to the summit. You may experience setbacks but just sticking that one foot forward can be the difference between failure and some magic.

E. Learning, Improving & Expanding Your Horizon


Filter out noise – On a trekking trail, you filter out the notifications and you filter the noise. Amidst of beauty of the mountains, you find a new perspective that never had before, isn’t life about expanding your horizons, isn’t life about sailing slowly through beautiful new shores?

Reaching the summit after a long journey gives you a rare but truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Nature is a beautiful force that helps you learn, explore and expand your horizon. Similarly, after you nurture a business for years, you can actually appreciate how you must have grown through the whole process and a bit more wiser now.

Check Out Her Journey To The Summit Below:

That’s just the beauty of the journey, of trekking and of scaling a business. Reaching the summit changes how you view things, you see things that weren’t even there before.

Some Beautiful Pictures – @Vidhi Kapoor

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