Make the Most of the Lockdown by Upgrading Your Skills.

Make the most of the lockdown

During the Spanish Flu, people couldn’t do much apart from staring out of the window to fight boredom. 

Luckily, this is 2020. 

Today a steady internet connection can now fetch you an MBA, teach a foreign language and make you a professional coder. Even a Masterchef.

A sparkling new addition on the skill section of your resume can be a game-changer. Especially when you hit the job market post-lockdown. 

Fun fact: When every other resume looks alike and thousands are rooting for the same job, a foreign tongue, an MBA, an extracurricular addition, a coding language, or even basic photoshop skills- can work wonders.

You don’t need to step out for an MBA

Before you postpone your MBA plans for 2021, you still have a chance to seize the day.

 Make the most of your time at home and enrol yourself to an online MBA course offered by Upgrad, John Hopkins Carey Business School, University of Southern California, Kelly School of Business and lots of other global institutions.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) centres also offer a host of certificate courses in marketing, financial planning, data analysis and more where you can enrol now and have a host of skills ready while applying for your new job.

Given the current economic scenario with unemployment on the rise, you will be sitting in a room full of MBA graduates in your next interview. Why take a chance?

Carpe diem!

Got an MBA, now what?

Executives with over 8+ years of experience can consider ‘Senior Executive’ leadership courses offered across A-listers like Harvard or Wharton

Yale’s ‘Accelerated Management Programme’  for business leaders is an 8-week online course designed to equip you with an all-round understanding of advanced business skills. If you are stuck in a monotonous role for a long time and think it’s time to take charge, this is it! 

The courses are taught by the industry’s veterans and you can always ask your company for financial assistance to pursue these courses. While applying, these colleges also ask for your current employment details and career goals. 

If you aspire to lead a team and brush up your leadership skills, these courses will be the perfect addition to your resume.

Add another language on your resume

Stop Google Translating your way around and get on to learning a new language- from scratch!

Mastering a third language apart from your mother tongue and English boosts your confidence and helps you qualify for lots of more career options. 

If you haven’t downloaded it already, Duolingo is the perfect ‘first step’ towards learning a new language. While the app doesn’t promise 100% fluency once you are done, it will help you read, write and speak your choice of a foreign language with confidence. 

The Duolingo app has an edge over other due to its wide range of language options including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, German and Russian which would look great on your resume. If you are planning to move abroad, European countries like Germany, France and Switzerland prefer candidates who speak a native tongue. Which means you don’t have much time if you plan to move in 2021.

You can also learn the basics of rare languages like Hebrew, High Valyrian, Latin, Navajo and Klingon which can help you read ancient manuscripts. 

How cool is that?

Code your way to a fulfilling career

If you thought coding was only for computer engineers, you have never been more wrong.

Even good ol’ marketing roles at leading companies are seeking candidates with basic SQL, Data analytics or HTML skills.

Face it, if you don’t have any of these on your resume, it can make you kiss your dream job at top MNCs goodbye. Now that you have the time, skill up and get a crash course in coding at Udemy. SQL, Python and Java being the top choices for all recruiters. 

You can also try your hand at HTML and refresh the > and < that you learnt back in school if you are not cut-out for heavy-duty coding. Webpage design is also a skill that you can boast about in future interviews.
If you are looking for a skill that will give your salary a mega boost, then a degree in Data Analytics is what you need. Upgrad offers a PG Diploma in Data Analytics that teaches 14 programming tools and languages.

Step up your creative game

If you are tired of chasing agencies for simple creatives or can’t afford one, take matters in your own hand. 

Most brands are riding their hopes on digital marketing to tide past the COVID-19 crisis. Posting regular updates on social media help retain your audience and give you an edge over competitors letting your target group directly engage with the product. 

Domestika and Udemy offer a variety of graphic designing, illustration, video editing and even animation courses for a nominal fee. They also offer foundation courses on digital marketing if you are not sure what works where.  

You will need to download Abode Creative Cloud for all the essential software like Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects which will cost around INR 5,412/month plus taxes.

If you are on a shoe-string budget, you can also use apps like Canva for creatives, Adobe Illustrator Draw for illustrations and Enlight’s Photofox for photoshop and Splice/Quik for animation or video editing.

Both agencies and brands prefer candidates with creative skills on their resume. You can also pick up exciting freelancing assignments if your portfolio makes the cut.

Make your hobby a skill

From growing your own kitchen garden, upgrading your gourmet skills or brushing up your writing skills, Masterclass helps you do them all and way more. Best part? the masterclasses are hosted by the masters of the industry themselves. 

Their wealth of knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’ are useful even for masters of the trade. 

The subscription costs a whopping INR 15,550 for two but it also comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee if you don’t find it useful. A risk worth taking when the masters are handing down the fruits of hard-earned experience. 

Also, if you find yourself stuck in the wrong job after years of chasing top grades and degrees that look great on the mantle, these masters are what you need. If nothing, these skills will look good on your resume too.

Time to put those locked-up talents to tests.

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