Why Coworking at Innov8 Was A Blessing For Millennials ?


Coworking Innov8 – What was our Mission?

  • Project Startups – Startups have gained a lot of momentum in India. Since 2012, startup culture has been a topic of interest for all the sections of the society. We at Project Guerrilla, have been influencing the Entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country by ideating, motivating & funding startups pan India.
  • Delhi The Hub – In 2015 we realised that Delhi has a lot of talent pool, but eventually, this talent moves to Bangalore or abroad. That’s our vision at Innov8, to make Delhi the hub of startup activities in the country. To build the most amazing mutually dependent silicon community in India.
  • A Product Nation – We want to make India a Product Nation, & the only way to do that is to produce innovative products from the national soil. To make products which are impactful for both the developing & the developed nations. And that’s the “Why” of our mission, to create a space where anyone who wants to build their dream comes & find the most innovative campus which helps their vision to come in reality.

“We’re on a mission to make India the largest Product Nation in the world.”

office meeting room
Innov8 Voyager 1 Meeting Space

Our mission to build a Silicon Valley in Delhi! 

The single most important reason for SFO to become the Silicon Valley is a cross-pollination of ideas & a strong community engagement. Innov8 wants to do the same for Delhi. We are a coworking centre, which invites founders working on the most impactful ideas. Innov8 is not an accelerator or an incubator that takes equity in the startup. we rather work on a membership fee for space. & that’s how our model works. Innov8 believes that founders should not shed equity for space & innovation experience.

“Its all about community building! Silicon Valley is not a place but an approach, its a mindset”

coworking common office area
Innov8 Edison’s Common Area

Innov8: 3 pronged belief system:

1) Amazing location: When it comes to Coworking centres worldwide, the best of them are the ones which are easily accessible & what better access than CP which is a rich blend of Indian history & culture transformation.

Connaught Place, the 5th most expensive office space rental in the world after London West End, Hong Kong Central, Beijing’s Finance Street & Beijing CBD.


2) Infrastructure: We have a mix of Contemporary Indian Artwork & Bold Modern Custom Designed furniture from companies like Bristol & Herman Miller. The campus is a house of motivational spreads every inch of the horizontal or vertical surface. Carved out by designers from Portugal, Innov8 boasts of the most explosive forms in India till date.

3) Community building: Project Guerrilla has been at the helm of entrepreneurship & mindset building in India since 2012. We believe in the power of ideas & likeminded thoughtful networking. Community engagement & events are the bases of Innov8.

coworking space delhi
Founders Cafe @ Innov8

A Revolution in Delhi! 

Office space is a hassle when it comes to Delhi! People face tedious troubles while managing the rental space, the landlord, the infrastructure etc. We want them to leave this hassle & just focus on their product. Till now coworking spaces were just a rental chair & desk! We are India’s first coworking centre with character, with knowledge dispersion, with massive mentorship & obviously amazing infrastructure & location.

We believe that ‘when the “Why” is clear the “How” is easy’. Crystal clear thought process is the foundation of Innov8. We are revolutionising the way people work in India.

Dr Ritesh Malik – Founder, Innov8.

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