How Millennials Are Disrupting Workforce in India?


Millennials are constantly shifting to coworking rather than conventional office jobs which they find boring.

Named aptly as millennials who have grown under two different centuries and have seen the rise of online simulation such as Facebook, Google and much more firsthand.

The work lives of Indians have come a long way from tiny desks and long working hours. With the millennials rising up to make up almost 50% of the world’s workforce by 2020, the conventional workspace is sure to be disrupted.


  1. Truly Internet Generation

The surge of Facebook and Orkut in the lives of millennials was quite powerful in mid of the first decade of the 21st century. The impact of these social networks was such that the life of millennials would never be the same. The continuous presence of a new media form made them better informed than ever before, despite the fact that nothing immediate changed in their life.

Millennials were probably the first generation which focused on passion and dreams rather than job security. From the onset of their teenage, they were moulded in a very social way. Frequent events in school and colleges made them feel part of a community in their early teenage lives. Frequent breaks after every class that helped them refocus and reenergize were the norm. Constant breaks, periodic activities, events and holidays gave them the will to actually study well.

Millennials were probably the first generation to be brought up in a way that they somehow valued productivity more than time.

These millennials grew up, graduated and moved to a new work life. These bunch of young and restless wanted to create a mark in the world through their work. However, the reality of mundane and boring offices hit them hard, even the most ambitious ones faced the grim reality of a 9-5 job in a traditional office which seeped out any traces of creativity and talent left in them.

Suddenly, a whole generation of individuals was not sure about their work and looked for alternatives. This new perspective gave birth to the concept of coworking. Rest, as they say, is history. The emergence of companies like We Work and Innov8 affirmed the notion of a new workspace and work life.

2. The Rise of Millennials in the Workforce:


For millennials, the office space was not just a place to sit and growl but a place where they could attain creativity and productivity. However, that was not the case with conventional office spaces. A conventional organisation found it very difficult to make a progressive change. coworking has already done so.

Also, the millennials have not seen the majority of their college and work life without the internet. Hence, connection and mobility which aren’t part of the traditional office spaces were a hindrance for them.

On the contrary, the rise of coworking spaces has already begun. Coworking effectively appealed to millennials. Not only that, even the GenX [1963-1980] found them extremely productive and economical when compared to traditional office space. Both of these generations started heavily switching to coworking spaces which had numerous advantages over traditional offices.

For them, only a coworking space could help satiate their needs in the workforce. The list of their perfect work-life contains flexibility, autonomy, shorter commute times and an aesthetically pleasing workspace.


3. Millennials Crave Innovation and Flexibility


One of the most valued thing in the life of a millennial has to be flexibility. While traditional organisations and corporates still follow the same pattern of an 8-hour workday which was proposed long back in the times of Henry Ford in the 1920s.

Millennials value opportunities more which let them link their passions to their work. They are much more digital-savvy than their old counterparts, say their parents. They also don’t tend to work as their parents did, Millennials are much more worried about their work-life balance. No more is the 60-80 hour workweek acceptable for them.

Believe it or not, millennials and coworking spaces are changing office environments.

4. Change In Priorities:


As more and more young people enter the workforce, the change in priorities was significant. The change in attitude, skills, work style was necessary to be accounted for. New expectation and new rules were the reason to adopt different methods to manage the workforce. To account for these things, a coworking atmosphere or a coworking office become an extremely popular choice for a lot of workers.

Coworking spaces were the solution that managers and corporates were looking for to make work cool again.

Millennials look for productivity, reliable facilities and essential amenities. They expect to be productive and want to make use of great reliable facilities such as speedy wifi, great space and other essential amenities at an affordable cost. Also, millennials prefer shorter commuting times to work to reduce their stress level and have a great work-life.

They also prefer to work in harmony and network more freely the older generation which used to shy away from too much social interaction. This attributes to the indoctrination of millennials with exposure to media such as TV, the internet and social media from an early age.

5. Millennials Trends


Millennials need a collaborative environment and atmosphere to perform well. With a sense of belongingness and like-minded Individual millennials can be better team players.

With decreased concentration times, it’s difficult for millennials to actually lit for longer hours and work. The conventional way of a 9-5job is quite different from the approach of today’s millennials.


Millennials kids have grown up and are entering the workforce in great numbers. Millennials are flexible in approach with a greater emphasis on work-life balance and family relationships.

Hence, these digital kids seek new office environments that better suit their needs. Coworking has provided them with a whole new creative space to work with, giving them a must needed a flexible yet structured environment.

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