Why Modern Offices Need To Reconnect With Nature!


Coworking and Nature!

The need for nature lies at the core of human evolution. The inborn affliction of humans to connect with nature is based on nature’s restorative effects. The sudden expansion of urbanisation has severely limited our interaction with the natural habitat. City landscape, full of high rise buildings and commercial activities along with digital distractions has pushed us into a ‘nature deficit’.

Modern humans spend the majority of their time either working or commuting. Hence, modern workspaces bear the responsibility to make our lives more worthy. With most of the traditional offices sticking to cubicles and legacy protocols of work with forced uniformity, coworking offices focus on productivity, wellness and mindfulness through flexible workspaces, vitamin water, recreational areas, ergonomic furniture and industrial designs.

Moreover, Coworking Offices are great spaces to collaborate and create lasting business networks. With the world leaning towards new designs and technologies, coworking offices are modern incubator centres for growth. Also, flexibility and convenience were the main motivators for coworking space in the first place, which mainly holds true for millennials.

Why Connecting With Nature Matters.

Born in Europe’s Heart – Switzerland, Carl Gustav Jung was bought up in a little hamlet near a lakeside. The lavish greenery, the rustic yet profound natural tranquillity of Swiss countryside turned Jung astute – he keenly observed people and concluded that nature was the only antidote to this chaos with extreme clarity which was clear from his autobiographical account in ‘The Earth Has A Soul’.


He wrote that ‘Nature seemed to me – full of wonders, and I wanted to steep myself in them. Every stone, every plant, every single thing seemed alive and indescribably marvellous.”

The Concept of Modern Offices

Jung also lived in a period of humanity that was filled with malevolence and apocalyptic destruction – The extermination of Jews, the creation of atomic bombs, the rise of fascism and totalitarianism. Jung believed that the feelings of insignificance, inadequacy and hopelessness were a result of man’s diversion from spirituality.

Industrialisation ushered the man into delving into a modern mass society. This so-called massification of society – the increase in uniformity and decrease in individuation which results in the creation of homogeneous social units. The rapid development in the field of medicine, astrology and industry after the resurgence of rationality completely remodelled the modern society. ‘Technocrats’ – the elites saw humans as nothing more than abstractions and an abstract number in the bureaus of statistics. The manipulation of these homogeneous social units by political and social forces holds true even today.

Hence, Jung turned to nature! He believed that mankind’s disassociation with environment and nature was the root of the modern world’s crisis. The overwhelming development of material possession and rationality had destroyed the need for contemplation and peace.

“Matter in the wrong place is dirt. People got dirty through too much civilization but whenever we touch nature, we get clean’, these are the profound sentiments of Carl Gustav Jung which can be traced in many of his writings.

Why Traditional Offices Need Reinvention Through Nature

The evolution of the term ‘Biophilia’ clearly signifies the human interest in life and nature. Coined by the biologist, E. O. Wilson – ‘Biophilia’ is the innate human need to connect with the natural world.

‘The biophilic design philosophy of Innov8 Coworking has increased the overall sense of well-being, comfort, peace and presence. Moreover, it is better to heal than harm’ says Russell Longjam, The Chief Marketing Officer of Innov8 when asked about how on the importance of a healthy office environment.



Jung articulated nature in the same light, in one of his writings he wrote ‘We keep forgetting that we are primates and that we have to make allowances for these primitive layers in our psyche’.

Hence, modern offices need to incorporate the nature in form of vertical plants, serene rooftops and increased exposure to sunlight to accentuate visual elements.

Psychological Well-Being

So, what did Jung recommend? Is a reconnection with nature possible? Offices with enhanced ‘Biophilia’ have a different vibe. They evoke our sense and keep us calmer which results in significant efficiency boost at work. Diverse textured walls, lounge areas, focus areas and open spaces act as visual stimulants that give us a cognitive boost.

Modern coworking spaces continuously influence us in a positive way and nudge us towards a more healthier way of working rather than old cubicles which stimulate heightened feelings of stress and anxiety.

Positive Vibes, Flexibility and Artwork

Natural light in offices brightens up the overall mood. Add to that fresh plants, visual greenery and add immaculate artworks – an instant recipe for an accentuated mood, feeling of freedom that directly translates into greater productivity. Also, coworking spaces have regular events that range from fun activities to meaningful conferences. This helps people stay physically active and mentally motivated.

Detoxify Your Surroundings

Offices plant reduce CO2 levels and significantly improve air quality. The sudden burst of freshness you feel when you enter a ‘Biophilic’ area such as a garden or forest is effectively emulated with fresh plants, natural lighting and green rooftops.

Modern coworking spaces create a bridge between our primal instincts and our modern minds. Jung also encouraged humans to walk in the woods and experience more nature through touching to realign our unconscious with our the exterior world.

Why Modern Coworking Workspaces Are The Antidote To Chaos

The cultural evolution of Europe and United States has made it possible to cut to trim work to four-hour days. Coworking has bred new creativity and innovation which is necessary to compete in a global economy. Companies such as who work out of Innov8 Coworking – PestoTech, FusionCharts, Swiggy and Vice Media corroborate the same.

With chaos engulfing our work lives, Jung recommends that we adopt nature in our lives much more freely which included: affinity to nature, selective solitude, minimising distractions, working and living in small communities, and simplification of human lifestyle.

However, the real question still persists, should our human existence be rooted more in the earth or should our workspaces emulate our natural and physical existence?

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