Here’s Why Murmur or Snapchat Never Market Their Apps!


Murmur, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Google Maps, TrueCaller, Linkedin, YouTube, Timehop Never Market Their Products (Disclaimer: I co-founded murmur).


Murmur and Snapchat common things:

  1. I have mostly never seen their TV ads
  2. I have mostly never seen their hoardings/newspaper ads
  3. I have mostly never seen any kind of ad

1.Google vs Yahoo: If Yahoo does infinite marketing, will you ever pick Yahoo for your next search instead of Google?

2. Whatsapp vs Hike: If Hike does infinite marketing, will you ever pick Hike for your next chat instead of Whatsapp?

No, never, right? It’s just because Google and Whatsapp have spent infinite effort into building a great product. No amount of marketing can make you use Yahoo or Hike.

3. Murmur App

  • There’s a guy in our team at Murmur who can’t write English well. I asked him to search for “Stairway to Heaven”. He typed something random on Google. I helped him with the spellings. The next day I again asked him to play “Stairway to Heaven”.
  • This time he again typed the same random spellings on Google. But this time Google suggested him, Did you mean “Stairway to heaven”. Google got a little more intelligent next day. Imagine, how intelligent Google has become in the last 10 years.
  • They have put all the brains and efforts in making Google better every day. This is just a small example of how investing in Product is more important than investing in Marketing.

I love all the efforts by Hike in acquiring customers. But that doesn’t matter at all. It’s WhatsApp that we will keep using.

I am not writing this to criticise Yahoo or Hike. They have built one of the biggest empires in the world. I am just writing it to make notes for things we will take care of in the process of building Murmur App.

4. Crux:

  • More we are spending on customer acquisition, the weak the product is. My final analogy: 5 Rs tea is better than 100 Rs CCD coffee.
  • Out of 5 Rs, 4 Rs has gone in making the Tea.
  • In the case of 100 Rs CCD coffee, probably only 3 Rs has gone in coffee. Rest 97 Rs is gone is the ambience, marketing and all. The product, in this case, is Tea/Coffee, just spend $$$ in building the product.

Which Indian Product companies are actually spending their $$$ on building the Product?


  • Here’s the link to our “Murmur App” on Android and iOS. Would appreciate if you can use and share the feedback.
  • Murmur App is a content discovery platform for Millennials. We are among the top 8 apps selected by Google for their launchpad accelerator program.

Sahil Baghla, Co-founder / CEO @ Murmur App

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