How Office Design Affects Your Work Life?


Office design is changing rapidly in today’s era with a major focus on factors that include innovation, productivity and networking.

Companies have now realised that office design can affect the work culture of a company. It can either make or break a dynamic company’s future which may rely on the constant creation of creative content and services.

An office design really affects how we feel and how we behave. It truly helps transform into a different yet better individual. The concept of office space is based on pure human interaction and coworking is working hard to enhance and improve the whole experience.

Businesses ranging from startups to big conglomerates, everyone has understood the fact that traditional offices can no longer be an effective place for Gen-X and Millennials to excel.

They are expandingly accepting coworking workspaces like the workspaces of the future. With socialisation and a community-driven workforce at the core of coworking, the main benefits include greater integration, a balanced work-life, increased productivity, motivated employees and a healthy working environment.

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More Than A Cubicle

A truly innovative office design liberates workers from the stigma of traditional office space. Office environments should promote productivity, collaboration, team-building exercises and social adhesion like school and colleges to appeal to both extroverts and introverts.

India’s coworking spaces are inspirational workplaces with the cafe like designs.

An office should be a place that one should be roaring to go in the morning. It should be more than a cubicle, it should be like poetry in a room. It should promote one’s inner desire to achieve something, something substantial in his/her life.

A coffee shop or a cubicle can never do that for you. Only a well designed, aesthetic and inspiring office space can do that for you. Coworking provides a clean and inspiring office space which offers you a great space with some state of the art facilities.


More Than A Job

Coworking space gives you a remarkable experience. A place that makes lets you experience the fact that a job is more than a job. A place that excites you to work daily and frees you from the monolithic insanity of a small cubicle.

An office design similar to the ones found in coworking environments invokes emotions and well-being. Most of the corporates forget the fact that their employees are also humans and need different stimulus to excel and achieve greatness.

With such a large number of employees, these corporate or big organisations dilute the fact that work should enable an individual personal desire to work rather than a mechanical job.

Productivity and quality work can only be cultivated in an environment similar to one found at a coworking space. The cubicle design of the office isn’t enough to motivate workers anymore.

Moreover, it doesn’t take into account that workers are humans and not robots who can put hours without experiencing feelings and other emotional aspects.

A study by a famous European magazine Deskmag displayed the fact that between the years 2014-15, the number of coworking spaces worldwide increased by a whopping 36%.


68% of people reported improved focus, 64% reported that it became easier to complete tasks by their deadlines, 62% reported their standard of work improved, 71% become more creative and 81% individuals had a positive view of coworking when they switched to coworking office spaces.

Mindset, Interaction and Notion Of Empathy

Traditional companies fail to recognize the fact that human emotion and human space is an important factor in one’s work life. Every worker in the world spends at least 80% of our lives inside a particular space. Hence, each and every detail matters a lot for that particular space. From the design to the furniture, everything matters.

Empathy is an important factor when considering design language of a particular space. Being, the cornerstone of design, it really affects how we perceive, behave and feel. The design also helps us understand a user.

The design is not just a visual thing. It’s a thought process. It’s a skill. Ultimately, the design is a tool to enhance our humanity. Any particular factor that affects us, specific art on office walls, colours, seating design, ceiling, stone, textiles and woodwork creates a mindset that affects us unconsciously.



Happiness, Creativity, Productivity And A Lot More

The design of an office is directly proportional to happiness, productive and well-being of employees. An aesthetically pleasing workspace can help transform the boring office space into an intuitive beautiful workspace.

Coworking is not just an urban innovation that only pleases a niche population. On the contrary, it’s an ecosystem that is slowly and steadily replacing the conventional office space. It’s more connected, provides better social interaction, more comfort, daily inspiration and provides access to the new talent pool.

The freedom to work the way you want, flexibility, community support and extrinsically designed offices spaces make coworking a pretty enticing option for people to work.

Coworking is the new traditional office for upcoming generations. Attractive office designs revolutionise and revitalise a companies’ workforce to create an even better work environment.

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