Music, Freshness and Nap Rooms At Offices In Delhi !


Innov8 provides the best co-working space and working offices for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  • Offices at One Of The Most Expensive And Prime Location In The World – Located in one of the most prime locations in Delhi and the 5th most expensive business location in the world, Innov8 embarks to nurture the new age offices.
  • Best Service In Coworking Space – Besides the location, Innov8 is beautifully constructed with the best furniture and ergonomic designs. We aim to provide the best service in the co-working offices in India.
Work-Zones @ Innov8 Coworking, New Delhi.
Innov8 Coworking Spaces, New Delhi

1. Ambience

  • Coworkers and Their Needs – Ambience of workspaces and offices is the topmost priority for all co-workers. A fun and safe ambience and working environment at a coworking space is a basis to attract new co-workers.
  • New Energy in Offices – Innov8 provides a perfect ambience and working conditions for companies and freelancers. The crowd here works as a community.
  • New Age Community – There is a wave of positivity and energy which pumps in the passion to work with innovation. The environment is quiet, collaborative and interactive. We believe in building relationships, culture and communities that are profitable to all.
motivating and exciting ambience that boosts energy and willingness to work, Innov8 co-working space.
Brilliantly designed interiors @ Innov8 co-working space

2. Design

  • Stunning Workspace –  Innov8 is stunningly designed with quality furniture and walls. Innov8 possesses some of the most ergonomic environment around that can be found at that any co-working offices in India.
  • What An Office – The space falls well enough to accommodate facilities like ideation zones (white walls Cubic rooms), start-up library, start-up cafe, indoor amphitheatres, meeting rooms, common areas, innovation corners, nap room, lunchroom, green terrace etc.
  • Dedicated Desks – To facilitate the co-workers, we have dedicated desks for them where they can work individually and focus on their works. It has a different range of rooms to feed the work need of the co-workers.
ideation zones and recreation zones to support innovation @ Innov8 co-working
Explore more @ Innov8 co-working
Each cabin logically named to boost motivation, Innov8 co-working
The motivation for future endeavours @ Innov8 co-working spaces.

3. Motivation

  • New Motivation – “Motivated, inspired, confident and galvanized to work” is the response of workers after to see the new offices at Innov8. We are walled with so many motivational and inspiring thoughts and messages.
  • Great Portraits and Inspiration – Every room is suffused with so many motivation frames hanging in the wall. Some of the long walls are covered with some motivational words which are completely handcrafted with thread and jute (Words-Hustle and Meraki).
Interiors and designs logically proven to motivate the co-workers
Workspace @ Innov8 co-working

4. Innovation

  • New Mission – Every team boxes and meeting rooms are named on special spacecraft or space missions like Apollo 11, Apollo 13, Pioneer, Curiosity, Discover etc which gives the motivation and examples of achievement.
  • Lunchroom – Enclosed with the glass walls, the lunchroom is open for all the co-workers at Innov8’s offices. Sometimes it can also be used as a group meeting area.
  • Nap Room – This is one thing in which Innov8 has shown a special innovation. Coming up with the concept of nap room, Innov8 understands the need and power of a 20-minute power nap to encourages it co-workers to re-boost themselves.
go green go innovative @ Innov8 co-working
Innov8 Coworking Spaces, New Delhi
An all new innovation of Nap room only @ Innov8 co-working
Nap room @ Innov8 co-working space

5. Entertainment

  • Play and Work – Foosball, mini-golf is some of the indoor games which innov8 has kept for the entertainment of its co-workers. Anybody is free to play whenever they feel like at our offices.
  • Rooftop Freshness – Vertical gardens, rooftop garden and a whole view of Connaught Place.
foosball, mini golf and other source of entertainment @ Innov8 co-working
Foosball @ Innov8 Coworking Spaces
terrace garden with the beautiful view of Connaught Place @ Innov8 co-working
Go Green @ Innov8 Coworking

6. Health And Wellness

  • Vitamin Water – Vitamin water, which takes care of the health of the co-workers, is something unique you’ll find in Innov8’s offices.
  • Beverages – Beverages like tea coffee etc. are always available. Also, a vending machine is installed where healthy snacks are kept. Again, keeping in mind the health of each person working there.
  • Cafeteria And Books – The cafeteria area is acquainted with guitar, vending machine, coffee machine, start-up library, music system and gadgets like 3D printer, TV.
Start-up library, start-up cafeteria and many more reasons to stay back to Innov8 co-working
Start-up library @ Innov8 co-working

7. Recreation

  • Tom and Jerry – Apart from this, we take recreational activities at our offices as an important part of the environment. In the lounge area, a series of Tom and Jerry is played for people to laugh and have fun.
  • Lightening – The lightening of the entire space is done with the warm white light which is considered to be easily acceptable to eyes. The lightning also plays a very essential role in beautifying the ambience of the space.
  • Security – In addition to this, Innov8 is extremely particular in security aspects. CCTV cameras are installed in all possible areas to keep a security check throughout the day.
perfect lightening and a perfect ambience that supports the encouragement to the co-workers, Innov8 co-working
Work zones @ Innov8 co-working

8. Go Green space

  • Greenery – The entire space is enclosed with plants and grass. All the meeting rooms, common rooms, cafeteria, lounge area, coffee zone, staircase area, the terrace etc are enlightened with green plants and grass.
  • Plants and Freshness – Greenery also adds to the simplicity of the design and ambience. Special care is given to the health of these plants as well with regular watering, adding fertilizers and removing un-wanted leaves.
  • Music – During the day time, people are busy with their work, to lighten their moods after 6 pm music is played around in the common working area and the terrace as well of our offices.
beautiful rooftop with complementary view of nature and the city, Innov8 co-working, Delhi.
Go Green, Go innovative @ Innov8 co-working
  • CP The Heart Of Delhi – Another fanatic scenic view can be seen from the roof-top. It gives an overview of Connaught Place and the flag of India waving high at the central park. The entire terrace has a grass flooring and seating arrangement to enjoy the view with a cup coffee or tea.

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