A 16-Year-Old’s Internship Experience at Innov8 Coworking!


A 16-Year-Old Intern at Innov8!

The whole first-time experience of a 16-year-old high schooler at an office space is beautifully narrated here. This is the story of Anhad Chaudhary, who was a Content Intern at Innov8 Coworking. 

1. A 16-Year-Old, What?


Learning Something:

i) A 16-year-old intern and his intern experience! Well, certainly in Anhad’s case age is just a number. This shows that at Innov8, we value an individual’s will to learn rather than their resume.

ii) Like every other teenager, he could’ve been binge-watching Game Of Thrones but he chose to learn and explore what an office space felt like. He certainly felt he experience that at Innov8.

2. Preparing For The Future!


Experiencing Firsthand:

i) He certainly wanted to learn how to write a bit better and become more marketable for the future. His sole purpose is to learn as much as he could before finishing school.

iii) From closed rooms with tables to large campuses, he would eventually graduate to the real world and he wanted to be prepared for it. It was his way of preparing to face the real world.

3. The Innov8 Experience!


Nebula & Glass Panels:

i) He fondly wrote, I could have been doing other things but I absolutely loved the fact that I was on the 4th floor of this building, working on this cold white table, surrounded by glass panels.”

ii) The glass door that spelt “NEBULA” in bold, seemed to be a doorway for him to enter a completely new space. Walking right into the door, he wasn’t really sure about things but eventually, he settled down.

iii) Riddled with confusion, he finally reached the office, it was as if he had walked through an entirely new dimension. Eccentric design, coffee machine, plush chairs and an exciting workplace were awaiting his presence.


What Did He Gain Out Of It


i) An Inspiring Experience

  • He wrote these two words to describe his experience as an intern at Innov8 Coworking  ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Eye-Opening’.

He wrote “I did learn, perhaps, the most important lesson of my life – to look at me and find something that excites me. To find something that I’m crazy about!”

He wrote at the end- “NOTE TO SELF: Google what ‘Frugality’ means?” 


ii) I Saw What Work Meant To People!

With eyes glued to their screens, he saw people doing what they loved and working for everything they believed in. It was inspiring for him.

“I saw people create their own realities. It was an experience that I would never forget!” – Anhad [An Innvo8 Intern]

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