A Quick Guide To Personal Branding!


The advent of social media has changed the values and basics related personal branding’s core. Personal branding has penetrated in our lives due to the evolution of media outlets such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

A. Why It’s Needed – Despite all its glory, personal branding still requires a few basic factors to account for when one is looking to succeed in business or through a service.

B. Because it’s Always There – Personal branding has always been present in one’s life from the onset of their birth. The way we speak, interact and characterise ourselves during our interaction with others creates a persona that is ingrained in the mind of our friends, family and colleagues.

Personal Branding Is All About Trust


Creating A Strong Personal Brand – The Basics

i) Do You Crave It? – Humans crave attention. This is evident from surreal chasing of likes and comments on our social media accounts which act as an extension of ourselves, whether it’s real or flawed depends on personal interpretation.

However, the one thing that is evident from the point above is the deep human need of being admired; the need to connect with others on a more interpersonal level.

ii) What’s Your Mojo – The only way of doing this is by engaging in a subject or a niche that you love. The only way to excel is to actually visualise expertise in one subject matter. It can range from Social Impact to Personal glory.


Some great examples of Personal Branding:


Marques Brownlee [Youtube’s Tech Sensation – MKBHD], Gary Vaynerchuk [Motivational Speaker] and Mark Mansion [Self-Help Website] have all being an expert in their own niches. This is essential to create a great personal brand.

A. Trust – Simple & Effective

Inducing Trust in others is the most simple & effective way to build a personal brand.


Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, YCombinator Alum – In a one on one chat with the founder of Innov8 i.e. Dr Ritesh Malik [Doctor turned Entrepreneur], the main emphasis while building a personal brand is the value of the trust factor in one’s service or business.

Trust & The World – The whole world is evidently built on trust, the value of dollars is based on trust otherwise it’s just a sheet of thin paper, the value of a new book by a renowned author is based on trust that it would be a good buy, otherwise the book is just one of countless ones released every week. it shows the true power of trust in our world.


B. Niche – The Tombstone Phenomenon

What’s Your Hustle, What’s Your Love, What’s Your Niche


i) So, You Want To Retire At 40 – Let’s assume you have a personal plan to retire at 40. You envision yourself working absolutely hard and want to collect as much wealth as you can.

ii) However, what if I turn the tables and tell you that you will die by the end of the year. I mean just assume the fact that you suddenly die. What do you feel now, because suddenly all your plans are disrupted and suddenly all the money in the world can’t really save you?

iii) Now, you try to live a life you always wanted, you immediately quit your job and maybe travel to the Himalayas to spend your last days or you suddenly start writing a book that you always wanted to write.

iv) And Suddenly You Discover Your Own Brand – And as you start writing the book, you suddenly realise that helping people while writing articles on self-help is your undisputed passion. What do you do? You found your passion and a certain niche as well i.e. helping people with self-help content.

This is to an extent this is the story of Mark Manson [author, life enthusiast & a writer].


His certain niche was writing for people who seek self-help. He certainly developed himself as an expert in his niche. He wants to be remembered as an author, as a passionate individual when he dies.

His tombstone will seek the legacy of his work. That’s his tombstone phenomena, What’s yours?

C. Social Connect – Create Your Online Avatar

In today’s era, communicating & collaborating is necessary to increase your reach within the audience. An online avatar or certain presence helps connect socially.


i) And John Green Won Again – How would you feel if you wrote the most epic book ever on love and no one actually saw it? You would go mad and completely unrecognised. The world would never be aware of a new book on love that could have been possibly better than John Green’s novels.

ii) Really, Do You Live Under A Rock – Therefore, anyone who says social media ain’t that important is either living under a rock or hasn’t really used social media. Social media as of such is a platform for the masses to extensively share their lives, content and much more.

iii) A Genuinely Free Marketing Tool – However, like all mediums and platforms, it certainly has its pros and cons. Leaving them and looking at social media purely as a marketing tool can actually be greatly beneficial.

There Would Have Been No Gary Vaynerchuk Without Social Media

So, the optimal use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat with a consistent look on all platforms can actually be a great way to promote your personal brand and that too absolutely free [ofcourse, till you use their paid features.]

Sharing quality content can actually increase your audience. I mean if social media wasn’t there, no one would even know about a Gary Vaynerchuk, let alone his life.


D. Persona – Behaving With Charisma

Your character, style, voice, presentation & dialogue creates a sense of a certain persona in the long run.


Branding Is About People

i) Dr Ritesh Malik himself mentioned the crucial fact that branding is about individuals rather than their positions.

ii) Branding has always been about individuals. It is never quoted as “The Indian Prime Minister”, However “Prime Minister Modi” is often quoted in Indian media. It’s not necessarily about the position or the role, it is about the trust induced in the system by the individual.

The Man – Ratan TATA


i) A similar case of the impact of personal branding can be observed in the Cyrus Mistry – TATA situation. The reputation of the TATA brand took an immediate hit due to the fiasco. However, as soon as Ratan Tata returned to the company, the TATA stocks soared up and recovered quite well.

ii) Ratan Tata has a great reputation in the market. The market trusts the stature of someone like him.

A great social figure, a great philanthropist, a great trust figure, he actually banked on his charisma or personal branding to take his company out of a sticky situation.


E. Content – Creating Value

From audio to visual content, everything you share should have a certain value and certain depth in it.content-personal-branding

Content Is King

i) The content you share either visual or written should directly impact the end-user. It should not be vague and show actually provide knowledge about your niche.

ii) You can have your own unique style, your own special tagline, consistent social media accounts titles and a consistent stream of content on all or specific channels of communication.

Another example of a highly successful content channel would have to be the Youtube channel – MKBHD which was started by a young tech reviewer Marques Brownlee.


“Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel, Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom – The common factor that makes them successful is the trust they induce in their followers.

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